Professor Ralph-Christopher Bayer

Professor of Economics & Director of AdLab
Professor Ralph-Christopher Bayer
  Org Unit School of Economics
  Telephone +61 8 8313 4666
  Location Floor/Room 4 19 ,  Nexus 10 Tower ,   North Terrace

Ralph-C Bayer joined the School of Economics 2002 after completing his PhD at the London School of Economics. Professor Bayer has established AdLab -- the Adelaide Laboratory for Experimental Economics, one of the first experimental laboratories for Economics in Australia. Professor Bayer currently is the director of AdLab.

Professor Bayer's research has been published in leading Economics Journals. He has presented his work at numerous conferences and invited seminars all around the world.

Professor Bayer is currently serving as one of the two editors of the Journal of Instituitional and Theoretical Economics.

* Ph.D. Economics, 2002, London School of Economics (Advisor: Frank Cowell)

* Diplom Volkswirt (comparable to MA Economics), 1997, University of Cologne, ranked first for the year

Prof Bayer's research focuses on behavioural economics, experimental economics and game theory. Prof Bayer is particularly interested in explaining why humans' behaviour regularly deviates from what standard game theory predicts. His experimental studies focus on limited cognitive abilities, social preferences and reciprocity. In more traditional work Prof Bayer has worked extensively on topics related to tax evasion of individuals and firms and on questions related to market structure and conduct.

Prof Bayer currently is the principal investigator of two ARC Discovery Projects. One project is aiming at designing methods and procedures for an effective and efficient coporate tax enforcement, while the other project (together with Paul Pezanis-Christou) researches efficient ways to sell multiple objects in auctions.


Selected Publications:

R.-C. Bayer & Ludovic Renou, 2016, "Logical Omniscience at the Laboratory."  Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Economics, 64, pp 41-49.

R.-C. Bayer & Ludovic Renou, 2016, "Logical Abilities and Behaviour in Strategic-Form Games."  Journal of Economic Psychology 56, pp 39-59.

R.-C. Bayer, 2016, "Cooperation and Distributive Conflict",  Games and Economic Behavior 97, pp 88–109.

R.-C. Bayer, 2016, "Cooperation in Partnerships - The Role of Breakups and Reputation" forthcoming in the Journal of institutional and Theoretical Economics 172(4), 615-638.

R.-C. Bayer & Frank Cowell, 2016, "Tax Compliance by Firms and Audit Policy" Research in Economics 70(1), pp.38–52.

R.-C. Bayer & Lachlan Deer, 2015, "Pledges of Comittment and Cooperation in Partnerships"  Games 7, (4), pp 1-16.

R.-C. Bayer, Harald Oberhofer & Hannes Winner, 2015, "The Occurrence of Tax Amnesties: Theory and Evidence", Journal of Public Economics 125, pp 70-82,,  AUSTAXPOLICY BLOGPOST

R.-C. Bayer, Hang Wu, "Learning from Inferred Forgone Payoffs", 2015, Journal of Econmic Dynamics and Control 51, pp 445–458.

R.-C. Bayer, Hang Wu & Mickey Chan, "Explaining price dispersion and dynamics in laboratory Bertrand markets", 2014, Pacific Economic Review 19:3, pp 278-295.

R.-C. Bayer & C. Ke, "Discounts and Consumer Search Behaviour: The Role of Framing", 2013, Journal of Economic Psychology 39, pp 215–224.

R.-C. Bayer, E. Renner & R. Sausgruber, "Confusion and Learning in the Public Goods Game", 2013, Experimental Economics 16, pp 478–496.

R.-C. Bayer & C. Ke, "Are Consumers Fooled by Discounts? An Experimental Test in a Consumer Search Environment", 2011,  Economic Record 87, pp 575-586.

R.-C. Bayer, "Intertemporal Price Discrimination and Competition", 2010, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 73(2), pp273-293.

R.-C. Bayer & F. A. Cowell, "Tax Compliance and Firms' Strategic Interdependence", 2009, Journal of Public Economics 93, pp 1131-1143.

R.-C. Bayer & M. Sutter, "The Excess Burden of Tax Evasion - An Experimental Detection-Concealment Contest", 2009, European Economic Review, Vol 53(5), pp 527-543.

R.-C. Bayer & M. Chan, "Network Externalities, Demand Inertia, and Dynamic Pricing in an Experimental Oligopoly Market", 2007, Economic Record, Vol 83, pp 405-415.

R.-C. Bayer, "A Contest with the Taxman - The Impact of Tax Rates on Tax Evasion and Wastefully Invested Resources", 2006, European Economic Review, Vol 50(5), pp 1071-1104.

R.-C. Bayer, "Finding out who the crooks are - Tax evasion with sequential auditing", 2006, Singapore Economic Review, Vol 51(2), pp 195-228.

R.-C. Bayer,"Moral Constraints and Evasion of Income Tax", 2006, The ICFAI Journal of Public Finance, Vol. 4(1), pp 7-31.

R.-C. Bayer & N. Reichl, "Ein Verhaltensmodel zur Steuerhinterziehung" (A Behavioural Model of Tax Evasion) Duncker& Humblot Berlin 1997

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CategoriesEconomics & Finance
ExpertiseBehavioural Economics; Experimental Economics; Public Finance; Tax Evasion; Competition Policy
Mobile0400 464 831
After hours0400 464 831

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