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University News Archive

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 April 2014
24 Apr Scientists find new genes on male sex chromosomes
23 Apr Computer screening could help patients and healthcare
22 Apr New mineral shows nature's infinite variability
17 Apr Survival hope for melanoma patients thanks to new vaccine
16 Apr New simulator for older drivers is put to the test
15 Apr New insight into SIDS deaths points to lack of oxygen
14 Apr Bizarre parasite may provide cuttlefish clues
14 Apr Uni of Adelaide search for Dean to lead Waite campus
13 Apr Profound reform possible from demand-driven system review
10 Apr Proof that antidepressants and breastfeeding can mix
9 Apr Can animals really help people in hospitals, aged care?
8 Apr Common diabetes treatment could extend hypoglycaemia
7 Apr Tasting technology to help university choice
6 Apr Adelaide VC welcomes Norton reforms for student loans
4 Apr EU to harness the power of SA research and development
4 Apr Neonatal nurses need more training to support parents
3 Apr What influences us most when choosing wine?
1 Apr Legume research uncovers nitrogen uptake genes
 March 2014
31 Mar Uni of Adelaide student crowned 2014 Young Achiever
31 Mar Anaesthetic technique important to prevent damage to brain
28 Mar Erectile dysfunction can be reversed without medication
27 Mar Gen X obesity a major problem for healthcare, workforce
26 Mar Racist language cuts across media, politicians and public
25 Mar Breakthrough in HIV and Hep C vaccine research
21 Mar University of Adelaide students win DSTO scholarships
21 Mar Fair electoral boundaries an "impossible challenge"
20 Mar Research triangle on offer for Uni of Adelaide Medical PhD students
20 Mar Can 'love hormone' protect against addiction?
19 Mar Small step towards growing tissue in the lab
18 Mar Prioritising dental care for those who need it
18 Mar Chicken bones tell true story of Pacific migration
17 Mar New hope for early detection of stomach cancer
14 Mar International flavour for wine students
14 Mar Critical role of one gene to our brain development
13 Mar Integrating the physical and digital worlds
12 Mar Chronic pain research delves into the brain
11 Mar Wombats get waxed for their own protection
7 Mar Do we still need International Women's Day?
6 Mar Fulbright Scholar to focus on age-related decline
6 Mar Genetic techniques have role in future of dental care
4 Mar Building family livelihoods from charcoal in PNG
3 Mar 'Fingerprinting' trees to stop illegal logging
 February 2014
28 Feb Lend Lease to build new Uni of Adelaide Medical/Nursing School
27 Feb New tool to unlock genetics of grape-growing
25 Feb Study: Do you and your horse both have asthma?
24 Feb University of Adelaide awards $1.5 million in scholarships
24 Feb Herbal medicines warning: unregistered and unreliable
24 Feb In-cell TVs reduce self-harm in Aboriginal prisoners
21 Feb Reviving German language in the Barossa Valley
20 Feb Targeting cancer at the nanoscale
19 Feb Dreams, déjà vu and delusions caused by faulty "reality testing"
18 Feb Fighting killer diseases among $9.9m health grants
17 Feb Sea snake at risk of being lost in hybrid swarm
17 Feb University research: Does your dog love you?
14 Feb New Colombo Plan success for study in Japan
14 Feb Pregnancy study leads to fewer high birth weight babies
13 Feb New leadership role to take Roseworthy campus forward
13 Feb Grape seed promise in fight against bowel cancer
12 Feb Free public seminar: improving treatment of prostate cancer
12 Feb Higher rate of hypothermia deaths in SA than in Sweden
11 Feb How accurate is child mental health screening at four years?
10 Feb University of Adelaide joins in the festivities of Mad March
10 Feb Fires have wiped out native South Australian birds
7 Feb Unified legal process needed for IVF with dead men's sperm
6 Feb Good news from survey on superbugs in animals
5 Feb Using nanotechnology to protect grain exports
4 Feb Stopping liver failure from painkiller overdose
3 Feb Studying sea snakes for underwater robot design
3 Feb Advances in cholesterol-lowering drugs within five years
 January 2014
31 Jan Diagnosis just a breath away with new laser
31 Jan Celebrating the legacy of Mawson's polar exploration
30 Jan Biggest Loser a setback for healthy weight loss
29 Jan University of Adelaide agricultural research on show for Indonesian delegates
29 Jan Adelaide VC warns against premature ATAR analysis
28 Jan Uni of Adelaide applauds 2014 Australia Day Honours recipients
28 Jan Male-female communication at conception shapes the health of offspring
24 Jan New Australian-European double degrees in business offered through grant
23 Jan New scholarships to promote wine education
22 Jan Uni of Adelaide Business School attracts high-flyer leaders
20 Jan GP health checks have impact on risk factors
15 Jan Diabetics benefit from high-protein diets without risk
14 Jan Teens' sleep impacted by electronic media use
10 Jan Record number of research students to graduate
9 Jan Higher risk of birth problems after assisted conception
6 Jan Researchers map out world's winegrape varieties

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