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Physical address:
3rd Floor, Nexus Tower
10 Pulteney Street
Adelaide SA 5000

Postal address:
SA Centre for Economic Studies
University of Adelaide
Adelaide SA 5005

Telephone: (+618) 8313 5555
Facsimile: (+618) 8313 4916

Gambling Database (EGMs)

The South Australian Centre for Economic Studies has developed a database that provides regional level data on gaming machine activity in South Australian licensed venues (i.e. hotels and clubs but not the casino) in an easy to use format.  This information will be useful to researchers, local government, industry and the public in understanding the gambling environment in South Australia.

The database contains information on the number of machines and venues, net gambling revenue and taxation revenue for each region based on data provided by Consumer and Business Services (CBS).  Relative estimates of these measures are also presented on a 'per adult' basis.

Regions are composed of individual and grouped Local Government Areas and are based on regional definitions used by CBS to publish its regional gaming machine statistics.

The database is provided in an Excel 2007 format and is available here.