Beacon of Enlightenment

Strategic Plan 2013-2023

The University is now well into implementation of its strategic plan, and significant progress has been made towards our goals.

We have met our targets several years early in relation to international rankings and performance in the Excellence in Research for Australia assessment of research quality, and have consequently raised our aspirations.

Furthermore, we have made dramatic strides in modernising our online digital course offerings.  We have developed a variety of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Learning Courses) that have attracted over 420,000 enrolments across most countries of the world.  We were the first university in Australia to implement the integrated learning platform Canvas, joining some leading international institutions.  In addition, the University’s research strategy has been refreshed with the advent of Adelaide Research for Impact.  These initiatives have been underpinned by major strategic investments.

Yet there remains much work to do.  There are enormous opportunities in research innovation and commercialisation, and we shall soon see the emergence of ThincLab – the University’s innovation and commercialisation hub.

We are in the process of refreshing and invigorating our course offerings.

And while good progress has been made on gender equity, there is much more to be done.  We are introducing new initiatives to increase the proportion of women in senior roles, especially in the academic arena. 

The underlying financial position of the university remains strong and the Beacon continues to provide a roadmap towards the University sesquicentenary.

Given the enormous opportunities ahead, I retain tremendously optimistic about the University’s future.

Vice-Chancellor and President

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