Strategic Plan - Future Making

Our new Strategic Plan, Future Making, challenges the University of Adelaide to realise its potential for the State and to claim its place as the truly global 21st century university for South Australia.

Future Making contains Five Pillars to Excellence that define the University of Adelaide's strategic direction, shaping the University's trajectory through to its 150th year and beyond:

  • Connected to the Global World of Ideas
  • A Magnet for Talent
  • Research that Shapes the Future
  • A 21st Century Education for a Growing Community of Learners
  • The Beating Heart of Adelaide.

Under its new strategic direction, the University of Adelaide will move from being a commentator on society to becoming an active participant in society. The University will grow and diversify its student cohort, with greater access and equity, and with more diversity in academic programs and modes of delivery.

The University will pursue aggressive growth in research income and expenditure, aligned with industry and community need.

The University will be more globally and locally connected. We will become a cultural and thought leader for the community of Adelaide, enriching the campus experience with a social and artistic calendar of events, and inviting thousands of new visitors to enjoy our beautiful spaces.

Future Making aligns the University's global connectivity, research scholarship and human potential with the social, intellectual and economic needs of young people, South Australia and the nation.

Under this new strategic direction, Future Making ensures a bright future for our University, our community and the State.

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