Strategic Plan - Future Making

Our Strategic Plan, Future Making, challenges the University of Adelaide to realise its potential for South Australia, and to claim its place as a truly global university on the world stage.

Our vision is for the University of Adelaide to be known as a social, cultural, and academic thought leader—an accessible, responsive and responsible corporate citizen designing and building a better future for all.

Our purpose is to be a catalyst for innovation and knowledge creation; an engine of social advancement; and an active participant in the local, national, and global economies.

The Future Making 2024-2025 update builds on our strategic purpose from the past few years to strengthen our institution for our students, staff, and community.

The Foundational element of a stronger culture is reinforced by the addition of a First Nations Strategy and steps to foster a sense of belonging for all staff and students. The inclusion of a Decision Framework will simplify institution-wide operations and activity to improve efficiency, manage priorities for change, and maintain financial prudence in our transition to Adelaide University.

The five Pillars that form the structure of our Future Making strategy remain:

  1. Connected to the global world of ideas
  2. A magnet for talent
  3. Research that shapes the future
  4. A 21st century education for a growing community of learners
  5. The beating heart of Adelaide.

Future Making aligns the University's global connectivity, research scholarship and human potential with the social, intellectual, and economic needs of young people, South Australia, and the nation.

Our updated Strategic Plan will position us to transition to the new Adelaide University from a position of strength, with momentum for long-term success to secure a better future for our community and South Australia.

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