About the Centre

Established in mid-2016, the Joint Research Centre of Grains for Health spans the Faculties of Sciences, Health and Medical Sciences, and Professions at the University of Adelaide and includes our partner in China, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Dr Iain Searle is the Director of the Joint Research Centre of Grains for Health.

The centre's multi-disciplinary team of researchers with global links and experience are working to address the scientific and translational challenges of developing healthy grain products. With expertise in grain biology, variety development, food science and consumer behaviour, our strong links to industry partners ensure translation of our discoveries from the bench to the consumer.

Our team of researchers and industry partners brings together key technical expertise including:

  • plant breeding competence including third-generation sequencing technology and informatics
  • analytical competence in dietary fibres, lipid and fat soluble vitamin analysis
  • policy competence including consumer behaviour expertise
  • innovative product development by industrial partners
  • clinical expertise to assess the health benefits of functional foods.

Our researchers supervise research masters, Masters of Philosophy and PhD students across a range of projects.

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