The Applied Communication Collaborative Research Unit (ACCRU) is a research unit located in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Adelaide.

Harnessing the power and potential of communication to support imperatives such as poverty reduction, better health and conflict reduction represents one of the critical challenges of the 21st Century.


ACCRU have worked extensively with international organisations such as ABC International, Australian Civil-Military Centre, DFAT, DFID, MTV EXIT and UNICEF, on a wide range of applied communication projects and initiatives. 

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ACCRU is dedicated to both promoting and understanding the role of information, communication and new communication technologies (ICTs) in processes of development and change. ACCRU draws together a group of internationally regarded specialists and emerging researchers into a new consortium dedicated to supporting the program, evaluation and research needs of a wide range of organisations that have a role in promoting communication interventions, across a wide range of themes and contexts.

The aim of ACCRU is to link individuals and organisations with an interest in the application of communication to issues of inequality, vulnerability and deprivation. ACCRU seeks to engage both the research and practice sectors and believes that there are gains to be made in developing a network of Australian-based applied communication researchers and organisations and linking these to international bodies. In doing so, ACCRU aims to build understanding, disseminate high quality peer reviewed outputs and build capacity in this critical area.

ACCRU affiliates have worked with a number of well-known bilateral and multilateral organisations including: ADB, AusAID, DFID, GTZ, UNDP, UNESCO, WHO. In addition, affiliates have worked with: ABC International Projects, BBC World Service Trust, China National TB Control Program, Development Pathways, Hassall and Co., HLSP; Maxwell Stamp and Philippines National TB Control Program.