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August 2007 Issue
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From the Vice-Chancellor

It's no surprise that Open Day is one of the biggest events on the University's calendar. Judging by the crowds in recent years, we're in for another spectacular Open Day this year (in terms of numbers of attendees - I can't promise anything about the weather!)

I very much enjoy Open Day because it's such a great opportunity to showcase the University, and the North Terrace Campus in particular, to the wider community. The tours of heritage buildings and new and refurbished buildings alike, the sense of student life on campus, the many displays of education and research endeavours spread right across the campus, the bands, the food, and the information talks and expos - they all blend together to provide visitors with a perfect picture of the University of Adelaide and what we're all about.

But let's not forget the University's other campuses - Roseworthy, Waite and Thebarton. Each of these is in some way represented at Open Day on Sunday 26 August, and Roseworthy itself has a Careers and Course Information Day on Friday 24 August, which is well worth attending if you're interested in studying agriculture and animal science.

Each one of the University's campuses plays an important role in the bigger picture of the University of Adelaide and how we - students, staff, volunteers, friends and colleagues - are all Living Life Impact.

Having an event like Open Day means putting on a special show for the wider community, and it means that we get a chance to shine for our visitors, some of whom might not come to the University any other day of the year.

I would hope that this year we give the public an opportunity, desire or excuse to return to the University more often - either by becoming a student, or a volunteer, or by attending the many public events we have on offer throughout the year.

The Research Tuesdays are a perfect example of this - events designed to show members of the business, government and general communities the quality of research being conducted here at the University of Adelaide across a broad range of fields. With only one Research Tuesday per month we barely scratch the surface of what the University and its people are achieving, but we hope to give the public a taste of how our work is relevant to the lives of many.

I'm pleased to say that August is a bit different. This month we have not one but two Research Tuesdays - one of them being held on the 'traditional' second Tuesday of the month, the other being held specially as a 'Research Tuesday on Sunday' for Open Day. You'll find the details of each of these talks within this issue of the Adelaidean.

Whether it's attending one of the many drawcard events on Open Day, or the Research Tuesdays, concerts or other events on the University's calendar, I hope to see you around! Our doors are open to you.

Vice-Chancellor and President

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Vice-Chancellor and President

Vice-Chancellor and President

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