Student News

Student news is a newsletter sent to all current students of the University of Adelaide


Student news welcomes submissions from all the below topic areas. It is important you read through the submission guidelines prior to submitting your item.

  • Student notices
  • Student achievements
  • Opportunities
  • Events and activities
  • Wellbeing and health
  • Study and other helpful tips
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Careers and internships
  • Student feedback surveys

Past issues

Submission guidelines

All submissions are limited to 50 words (1-2 short sentences or one paragraph).

Submissions over 50 words in length may be edited or rejected at the discretion of Ask Adelaide. Submissions that are edited may not be returned for approval before publication. Please include a link to a relevant web page or PDF file.

The Student Newsletter is sent weekly to all students on a Wednesday afternoon. The deadline is 10am on the Friday prior to the issue you would like your item featured in. We are unable to accept late submissions. 

Please ensure you seek the relevant approvals for your submission. Ask Adelaide is not responsible for the accuracy of the information submitted and can choose to exclude any submissions if deemed not relatable to the entire Student Cohort.

Submissions must be relevant to student interests and be officially linked to the University of Adelaide in some capacity. Ask Adelaide reserves the right to not include submissions deemed irrelevant to students. 

Repeat notices will be included at the editor's discretion. Items can be published a maximum of two times. Please outline if you would like two listings in the additional comments section.


Student News submission form

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