Student News

Student news is a fortnightly newsletter sent on Wednesdays for current students of the University of Adelaide.

Submissions must be relevant to student interests and the University of Adelaide. Ask Adelaide reserves the right to not include submissions deemed irrelevant to students. All entries must be submitted online via the webform.

  • Types of Announcements

    Student News is divided into 5 categories, as shown below, with a link available to career support and job opportunities. Please advise which category you would like us to use for your article:

    • Achievements
    • Student news
    • Important dates
    • Wellness/tips
    • Events
  • Word count

    Notices in the categories of Student news, Important dates, Wellness/tips and Events are limited to 50 words (1-2 short sentences or one paragraph). Submissions over 50 words in length may be edited or rejected at the discretion of Ask Adelaide. Submissions that are edited may not be returned for approval before publication.

    Submissions under the category of Achievements may be up to 120 words in length.

    Please remember to specify a suggested section for entry of your material.

    Material should be linked wherever possible to University of Adelaide web sites or PDF files.

  • Event Listings

    Events must be associated with the University of Adelaide and be of interest to students.

    Please include date & time, venue, speakers (if applicable), contact person and one sentence description of the event.

    All event notices should be linked to further details on the University Events, and/or AUU websites. Student News is an internal newsletter and is NOT available to external organisation to promote activities and events to students.

  • Deadlines

    The Student Newsletter is sent weekly to all students on a Wednesday afternoon. The deadline is the FRIDAY prior to the next issue publication at 5pm. Submissions are only accepted via the online submission form. Emailed submissions will not be accepted and NO LATE SUBMISSIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED.

  • Distribution

    The Student Newsletter is sent weekly to all students on a Wednesday afternoon. There is no unsubscribe facility. It will be published 48 weeks per year.

  • Approval before publishing

    Notices should be authorised by your Head of School, Branch Head, Club President, or equivalent manager before submission to the Student Newsletter. Approval for inclusion is at the discretion of Ask Adelaide.

  • Multiple listings

    Repeat notices will be included at the editor's discretion. Events and Notice Board items will be published a maximum of two times.

  • Submit an item

    If you have read the information on this website and you are ready to submit an item to Student News, please complete the submission form.

    Your item will be sent to Ask Adelaide for approval.