The University logo is one of the most important identifiers of our brand.

Made up of a shield, scroll and logo type, our logo is a complete unit, with these elements always appearing together.

For maximum brand recognition, our logo should always be in a prominent size and location.

The logo exists in both vertical and horizontal versions. The vertical version is always the preferred execution.

It is preferred that the logo sit on a navy background in our marketing materials

Logo usage requirements

To maintain design integrity and maximise the logo’s effectiveness, it must be used as indicated in our guidelines, without modification.

Please ensure that you have reviewed and understood the University of Adelaide logo usage requirements prior to using our logo.

Do not:

  • delete, alter or add to logo
  • alter logo colours
  • place logo over a background image where the image competes with the logo
  • use a scanned or photocopied logo (always use master digital artwork)
  • separate the logo elements (shield and title)
  • Clear space

    Clear space university logo

    To ensure the University logo is clearly reproduced and represented, clear space must surround the logo.

    This clear space is measured by half the width of the shield around the edge of the logo.

  • Minimum size

    The logo has a minimum reproduction size to ensure its legibility. The minimum size is measured by the width of the shield.

  • Colour versions

    For use on white or neutral-coloured background or images.

    Colour reverse logo (black/blue background)

    This is used when the logo is placed on a dark background. The outline of the shield has been removed to compensate for the background.