The Centre of Light for Life has a high standard of research excellence and publishes in leading peer-reviewed scientific journals.

The publications below showcase our exciting discoveries utilising light-based technologies and demonstrate the multi-faceted applications of our research collaborations:

  • 2024

    • Learning algorithms for identification of whisky using portable Raman spectroscopy. 
      K. J. Lee, A. C. Trowbridge, G. D. Bruce, G. O. Dwapanyin, K. R. Dunning, K. Dholakia and E. P. Schartner. Current Research in Food Science (2024) 
    • Viewing early life without labels: optical approaches for imaging the early embryo.
      D. J. X.Chow, T. C. Y. Tan, A. Upadhya, M. Lim, K. Dholakia, and K. R. Dunning. Biology of Reproduction (2024)
  • 2023

    • ​​​​UVA Hyperspectral Light-Sheet Microscopy for Volumetric Metabolic Imaging: Application to Preimplantation Embryo Development.J. Morizet, D. Chow, P. Wijesinghe, E. Schartner, G. Dwapanyin, N. Dubost, G. D. Bruce, E. Anckaert, K. Dunning, K. Dholakia, ACS Photonics / bioRxiv:2023.06.21.545939 (2023)
    • Fano Resonance-Assisted All-Dielectric Array for Enhanced Near-Field Optical Trapping of Nanoparticles.
      D. Conteduca, S. N. Khan, M. A. Martínez Ruiz, G. D. Bruce, T. F. Krauss, K. Dholakia, ACS Photonics / arXiv.2308.03639 (2023)
    • Measuring picometre-level displacements using speckle patterns produced by an integrating sphere.
      M. Facchin, G.D Bruce, K. Dholakia, Sci. Rep. 13, 14607 (2023)/arXiv:2110.15939 (2021)
    • Laser writing of parabolic micromirrors with a high numerical aperture for optical trapping and rotation.
      T. Plaskocinski, Y. Arita, G. D. Bruce, S. Persheyev, K. Dholakia, A. Di Falco and H. Ohadi, Appl. Phys. Lett.123, 081106 (2023) /arXiv.2308.06345 (2023)
    • Cooling the optical-spin driven limit cycle oscillations of a leviated gyroscope.
      Y. Arita, S. H. Simpson, G. D. Bruce, E. M. Wright, P. Zemánek and K. Dholakia, Commun. Phys., 6, 238 (2023) arXiv:2109.01033 (2022)
    • High throughput hemogram of T cells using digital holographic microscopy and deep learning.
      R. K. Gupta, N. Hempler, G. P. A. Malcolm, K. Dholakia, and S. J. Powis. OSA Continuum (2023)
    • Snapshot hyperspectral imaging of intracellular lasers.
      S. Caixeiro, P. Wijesinghe, K. Dholakia and M. C. Gather. Optics Express (2023)
    • Spatially offset optical coherence tomography: Leveraging multiple scattering for high-contrast imaging at depth in turbid media.
      G. R. Untracht, M.Z. Chen, P. Wijesinghe, J. Mas, H.T. Yura, D. Marti, P.E. Andersen and K. Dholakia. Science Advances (2023)
    • Generation of Bessel-like beams with reduced sidelobes for enhanced light-sheet microscopy.
      J.G. George, K. Dholakia, and S. Bhattacharya. Optics Continuum (2023)
    • Investigation of refractive index dynamics during in vitro embryo development using off-axis digital holographic microscopy.
      G.O. Dwapanyin, D.J.X. Chow, T.C.Y. Tan, N.S. Dubost, J.M. Morizet, K.R. Dunning, K. Dholakia. Biomed. Opt. Express (2023) / bioRxiv:2023.04.17.537152 (2023)
    • Widefield multiphoton imaging at depth with temporal focusing.
      P. Wijesinghe, K. Dholakia. All-Optical Methods to Study Neuronal Function (2023)
    • Optical transport over millimeter distances of a microscopic particle using a novel all-fiber bessel-like beam generator.
      H. Lee, M. Lee, H.J. Lee, J. Yoon, K. Dholakia, K. Oh. Optics and Lasers in Engineering (2023)
    • Roadmap for optical tweezers.
      G. Volpe, O.M. Maragò, H. Rubinzstein-Dunlop, …, G.D. Bruce, K. Dholakia, …, G. A. Swartzlander. J. Phys. Phot. (2023) / arXiv:2206.13789 (2022)
    • High throughput hemogram of T cells using digital holographic microscopy and deep learning.
      R.K. Gupta, N. Hempler, G.P.A. Malcolm, K. Dholakia, S.J. Powis. Opt. Continuum (2023) / bioRxiv:473983 (2021)
  • 2022

    • Experimentally unsupervised deconvolution for light-sheet microscopy with propagation-invariant beams.
      P. Wijesinghe, S. Corsetti, D.J.X. Chow, S. Sakata, K.R. Dunning and K. Dholakia. Light: Science & Applications (2022) / bioRxiv:445797 (2021)
    • Bubbles clear the way for imaging.
      P. Beard, and K. Dholakia. Nature Photonics (2022)
    • All-optical sub-kelvin sympathetic cooling of a levitated microsphere in vacuum.
      Y. Arita, G. D. Bruce, E. M. Wright, S. H. Simpson, P. Zemánek, K. Dholakia. Optica (2022)
    • Vitrification within a nanoliter volume: oocyte and embryo cryopreservation within a 3D photopolymerized device.
      S.H. Yagoub, M. Lim, T.C.Y. Tan, D.J.X. Chow, K. Dholakia, B.C. Gibson, J. G. Thompson and K.R. Dunning. J. Assist. Reprod. Genet. (2022)
    • Meshless Monte Carlo radiation transfer method for curved geometries using signed distance functions.
      L. McMillan, G.D. Bruce, K. Dholakia. J. Biomed. Opt. (2022) / arXiv:2112.08035 (2021)
    • The effect of discrete wavelengths of visible light on the developing murine embryo.
      C.A. Campugan, M. Lim, D.J.X. Chow, T.C.Y. Tan, T. Li, A. Saini, A. Orth, P. Reineck, E.P. Schartner, J.G. Thompson, K. Dholakia and K.R. Dunning. J. Assist. Reprod. Genet. (2022)
    • Asymmetric longitudinal optical binding force between two identical dual dipolar dielectric particles.
      X.-Y. Duan, G.D. Bruce, F. Li, K. Dholakia. Phys. Rev. A (2022) / arXiv:2111.08173 (2021)
    • Fabrication on the microscale: a two-photon polymerized device for oocyte microinjection.
      S.H. Yagoub, J.G. Thompson, A. Orth, K. Dholakia, B.C. Gibson and K.R. Dunning. J. Assist. Reprod. Genet. (2022)
    • A laser-driven optical atomizer: photothermal generation and transport of zeptoliter-droplets along a carbon nanotube deposited hollow optical fiber.
      H. Lee, M. Partanen, M. Lee, S. Jeong, H.J. Lee, K. Kim, W. Ryu, K. Dholakia, K. Oh. Nanoscale (2022)
    • To focus-match or not to focus-match inverse spatially offset Raman spectroscopy: a question of light penetration.
      G.E. Shillito, L. McMillan, G.D. Bruce, K. Dholakia. Opt. Express (2022) / arXiv:2112.08877
    • Measurement of variations in gas refractive index with 10^−9 resolution using laser speckle.
      M. Facchin, G.D Bruce, K. Dholakia. ACS Photonics (2022) / arxiv:2109.01033
  • 2021

    • Probing vibrational strong coupling of molecules with wavelength-modulated Raman spectroscopy.
      K. Menghrajani, M. Chen, K. Dholakia, W.L. Barnes. Advanced Optical Materials (2021)
    • Stochastic Hopf bifurcations in vacuum optical tweezers.
      S.H. Simpson, Y. Arita, K. Dholakia, P Zemánek. Phys. Rev. A (2021)
    • Polarization and orbital angular momentum of light in biomedical applications: feature issue introduction.
      I. Meglinski, T. Novikova, K. Dholakia. Biomed. Opt. Express (2021)
    • Does artificial intelligence have a role in the IVF clinic?
      D.J.X. Chow, P. Wijesinghe, K. Dholakia and K. Dunning. Reproduction and Fertility (2021)
    • Wavelength sensitivity of the speckle patterns produced by an integrating sphere.
      M. Facchin, K. Dholakia and G. D. Bruce. J. Phys. Photonics (2021) / arXiv:2103.06173
    • Optical manipulation: advances for biophotonics in the 21st century
      S. Corsetti, K. Dholakia. J. Biomed. Opt. (2021)
    • Optical manipulation of a dielectric particle along polygonal closed-loop geometries within a single water droplet.
      J. Park, S. Hong, Y.S. Lee, H. Lee, S. Kim, K. Dholakia and K. Oh. Sci. Rep. (2021)
    • Exploring the limit of multiplexed near-field optical trapping.
      D. Conteduca, G. Brunetti, G. Pitruzzello, F. Tragni, K. Dholakia, T. Krauss and C. Ciminelli. ACS Photonics (2021)
    • Optical manipulation: a step change for biomedical science.
      C.A. Campugan, K.R. Dunning and K. Dholakia. Contemporary Physics (2021)
    • Optical trapping with structured light.
      Y. Yang, Y.-X. Ren, M. Chen, Y. Arita and C. Rosales-Guzmán. Adv. Photon. (2021)
    • Bpm-Matlab: an open-source optical propagation simulation tool in MATLAB.
      M. Veettikazhy, A.K. Hansen, D. Marti, S.M. Jensen, A.L. Borre, E.R. Andresen, K. Dholakia and P.E. Andersen. Opt. Express (2021)
    • Emergent physics-informed design of deep learning for microscopy.
      P. Wijesinghe and K. Dholakia. J. Phys. Photonics (2021)
    • Optical forces and torques on eccentric nanoscale core-shell particles.
      Q. Sun, K. Dholakia and A.D. Greentree, ACS Photonics  (2021) / arXiv:2011.11301
    • Incorporation of nitrogen in diamond films – a new way of tuning parameters for optical passive elements.
      M. Kosowska, S. Pawłowska, K.J. Sankaran, D. Majchrowicz, K. Haenen, K. Dholakia and M. Szczerska. Diamond and Related Materials (2021)
    • Metasurfaces for biomedical applications: imaging and sensing from a nanophotonics perspective.
      S. Zhang, C.L. Wong, S. Zeng, R. Bi, K. Tai, K. Dholakia and M. Olivo. Nanophotonics (2021)
    • Transverse optical binding for a dual dipolar dielectric nanoparticle dimer.
      X.-Y. Duan, G.D. Bruce, K. Dholakia, Z.-G. Wang, F. Li and Y.-P. Yang, Phys. Rev. A (2021) / arXiv:2008.07243