Radioanalytical Capabilities

The CRREI provides South Australia’s own commercial, high-throughput radioanalytical facility to deliver radiation-related services to industry, including the medical, uranium mining, mineral processing and energy sectors.

In addition to the provision of radioanalytical facilities, the CRREI can provide radiation consultancy in areas such as mining and environmental monitoring and assessment.

Applications of the CRREI capability include:

  • radionuclide assay of ore and products for mining and mineral processing, utilising
    • Gamma-ray Spectrometry
    • Alpha-particle Spectroscopy
    • Alpha-particle counting
    • Alpha particle autoradiography
    • Radiation monitoring and imaging
  • low-dose radiological assessment
  • medical radioisotope purity assessment
  • food irradiation testing (no existing regional capability)
  • geochronology - OSL and TL - for earth sciences, archaeology and palaeontology
  • geochronology - Pb-210, Cs-137 dating, radioisotope dating
  • environmental contamination measurement
    • Retrospective Population Dosimetry
    • Nuclear forensics
  • Atom Trap Trace Analysis (ATTA); hydrochronology, in collaboration with CSIRO
  • radiation-sensitive optical fibres and glasses
  • R & D creating novel radiation dosimetry/detectors
  • drone borne radiation sensors

Consulting services

CRREI provides in-house services, which include sample preparation, research and development, and results reporting.

Organisations hire our consultants to work as part of their research and innovation team, particularly for product research and development. This is a great way to invest in your future.

We can also make site visits at your place of work. Handy when you need a site assessment or inspection done.

Speak to us about our competitive rates.