FES Leaderships

The Future of Employment and Skills Research Centre has announced the appointment of two co-directors, Dr Megan Moskos and Associate Professor Stephane Mahuteau, to lead the centre following the departure of former director Professor Kostas Mavromaras.

Megan Moskos

Dr Megan Moskos

Dr Moskos will act as Sociology and Qualitative methodologies lead. She brings her extensive experience in qualitative evaluation and culturally appropriate research design with Indigenous populations, as well as a wealth of knowledge in the areas of housing, workforces and disability.


Stephane Mahuteau

Associate Professor Stephane Mahuteau

Associate Professor Mahuteau will act as Economics and Quantitative methodologies lead. He draws on his formidable econometrics background to further the centre’s delivery of objective, reliable statistical analysis. This co-directorship continues the centre’s reputation for research excellence, positioning the FES research centre as a leader in multidisciplinary social research and policy evaluation.


Professor Kostas Mavromaras

Professor Kostas Mavromaras remains an academic staff member in the broader School of Economics and Public Policy (SEPP) at the University of Adelaide. Going forward, FES will be able to draw on his skills and experience and that of other academics in this new structure as needed by our research projects.

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