Vision and Mission

Our vision

Our vision is to be the international leader for research, design, and implementation of whole-system humanitarian and development solutions that are inclusive, empowering and sustainable.

Our mission

Working with communities to research, design, develop and implement affordable and desirable whole system solutions for complex problems facing members of resource-constrained communities.

Our unique value proposition

  • We are a flexible organisation that can rapidly leverage world-class University-wide capabilities (equipment and staff) to develop best-in-field solutions to global development challenges.
  • We take a well-established scientific approach to develop innovative and relevant solutions.
  • In conjunction with our research pedigree, we utilise community engagement strategies in order to develop and optimise solutions for, and with, communities and other agencies.
  • We develop whole system solutions. These may include community education and training for operation and sustainment of any solutions, with the focus on community empowerment.
  • We have strong connections to for-profit and not-for-profit organisations that can help to distribute solutions and are actively seeking to expand our networks to ensure impact of our work.
  • For our technology solutions, we have designs for 1) commercial scale manufacture and 2) home manufacture from recycled materials.