Crowdfunding: World First Water Filtration System

Target reached!

We’re thrilled to advise that our crowdfunding project, to develop a water filtration kit for Rajasthan, India, has reached its target, courtesy of the generous support of the community.

This guarantees the delivery of a custom water purification solution specifically for the environment in Rajasthan, as well as delivering 1000 water filtration kits directly for families in the region.

With all of the research costs now covered, we are still accepting donations which will enable the University to put even more kits in the homes of families in Rajasthan once the research is complete.

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Project background

Each year 1.5 million people, predominantly children, die from drinking contaminated water around the world.

To address this global challenge, researchers from the University of Adelaide have developed a self-assembled water purification kit which costs less than $30 AUD to produce up to 10 litres of drinking water per hour.

These clever water purification kits have been designed for use in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, but they also provide an appropriate solution for many other communities around the world.

However, some parts of the world have contaminants specific to their environment and surrounds for which the kit does not yet remove. For countries such as India, where non-drinkable water contains high levels of heavy-metal contamination, further research is required to develop a customised solution.   

Our goal

With your help, we can develop and deliver customised water purification kits that meet the needs of various environments around the world; but we need to do our research first.

Our researchers are crowdfunding to raise $30,000. This will ensure we can send a team of researchers to South Australia’s sister state Rajasthan, in India to undertake pathogen, heavy-metal and toxin assessments in specific regions and at specific times of year.

Our team will engage with communities and conduct assessments on local water quality, manufacturing capabilities, and supply-chain limitations, before returning to Adelaide to develop and implement a customised solution with and for the population. Clean drinking water is not just a need, it is a human right and your support is needed to make this happen.

We will then produce kits in Rajasthan, distributed to community through local partners. Further to this, we will provide the blueprints and technical production to continue production and manufacturing for the local market.

Our target for the Rajasthan water quality pilot study is $30,000, which includes the production and distribution of water purification kits. 1 water filtration kit can help 25 people.

A donation of $30 will provide one water purification kit to a family in Rajasthan, which can convert up to 10 litres of contaminated water into fresh drinking and cooking water per hour.

Please take action today; support innovation and help us provide clean drinking water for all. All donations over $2 are income tax deductible (in Australia).

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About Rajasthan 

Rajasthan is a region of 79.79 million of people and is the sister state of South Australia.

Water management significantly limits Rajasthan’s development and is a critical requirement for future growth. Rajasthan comprises approximately ten percent of India’s land mass, and five percent of its population, yet has just one per cent of the country’s water resources.

Over two-thirds of Rajasthan is identified as desert, yet it remains a major producer of agricultural crops. With deep experience in water reform, management, conservation and re-use, the South Australian public and private sectors are already working closely with Rajasthan to develop options to improve water management and allocation.

This project will support these initiatives, looking at accessibility of water for personal consumption.