Available technology

Our commercialisation experts can connect you with intellectual property from the world-class researchers at the University of Adelaide. We have a range of technologies available for licensing and investment.

The following provides a sample of our technology. Please contact our Commercialisation team to discuss our full range of projects. 


Non-invasive diagnosis of endometriosis with imaging and artificial intelligence

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

Superconducting magnetic sensor

A next-generation high-sensitivity and high-resolution superconducting magnetic sensor for medical applications.

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

Automated Cardiac Beat-to-Beat Variability Monitoring

A fully automated ECG processing technology that also includes conventional fiducial wave delineation, providing unprecedented accuracy in beat-to-beat measurement of the QT interval, significantly outperforming existing methods.

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

Hybrid Imaging Catheter

A new multi-modal optical coherence tomography (OCT) and autofluorescence imaging technology.

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

Structural Health Monitoring System

A low-cost, multichannel early warning active structural health monitoring system using piezoelectric sensors.

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

GLAS Technology

A method of glass production which creates a wide range of colour codes and dichroic colour effect.

Commercial contact: Francois Duvenage

Zinc Acid Manganese Battery

A zinc acid manganese (ZAM) battery that has more than double the energy density of comparable batteries.

Commercial contact: Gerard LaFontaine

Apicomplexan Vaccine

A non-live vaccine for the prevention of Apicomplexan parasitic diseases and pathogens.

Commercial contact: Francois Duvenage

Antiviral Agents

A proposal to screen several naturally occuring nucleoside analogues and their derivatives for antiviral activity.

Commercial contact: Dr JC Tan

Easy Peel Tomato

The first self-peeling tomato for faster, lower cost processing.

Commercial contact: Cathryn Lee

Novel Antibiotics Based on Biotin Protein Ligase Inhibition

A new antibiotic that successfully targets infections based on Biotin Protein Ligase (BPL) inhibition.

Commercial contact: Dr JC Tan

A New Naive Embryonic Stem Cell

A new naive embryonic stem cell with increased pluripotency, and enhanced differentiation capacity, for treating neurological conditions.

Commercial contact: Dr JC Tan

Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Frameworks as Protective Coatings for Biomolecules

A purely organic, chrystalline matrix that can encapsulate, protect and preserve bio-molecules such as proteins, vaccines and enzymes.

Commercial contact: Dr JC Tan

New Australian Psyllium

An all-natural gelling agent for use in gluten-free processed food markets as a next generation dietary fibre.

Commercial contact: Cathryn Lee

Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2

A solar-induced system for photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide and water into fuel.

Commercial contact: Francois Duvenage

Method & System to Detect Orbiting Objects

Robust foreground segmentation and image registration for optical detection of objects in geostationary orbit.

Commercial contact: Francois Duvenage