Available Technology

Our commercialisation experts can connect you with intellectual property from the world-class researchers at the University of Adelaide. We have a range of technologies available for licensing and investment.

We are committed to engaging and partnering with industry in the translation of our research to create economic, environmental and social benefits both in Australia and globally and this is reflected in our Intellectual Property Principles.

The following provides a sample of our available technologies. Please contact our Commercialisation team to discuss our full range of projects. 

Sperm Sorter for IVF

Selecting the best sperm, the way nature does.

Commercial contact: Anne Donaldson

Cell-Sensitive Elastography Imaging

A new elastography imaging model with cellullar-level resolution.

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

VR for diabetes foot health

A Virtual Reality (VR) training simulator for assessment and management of diabetes- related foot complications

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

Bioharvesting of wool

A new approach to replace traditional shearing by creating a weak point in the wool fibre allowing for mechanical harvesting.

Commercial contact: Cathryn Lee


Non-invasive diagnosis of endometriosis with imaging and artificial intelligence

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

Superconducting magnetic sensor

A next-generation high-sensitivity and high-resolution superconducting magnetic sensor for medical applications.

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

Automated Cardiac Beat-to-Beat Variability Monitoring

A fully automated ECG processing technology that also includes conventional fiducial wave delineation, providing unprecedented accuracy in beat-to-beat measurement of the QT interval, significantly outperforming existing methods.

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

Hybrid Imaging Catheter

A new multi-modal optical coherence tomography (OCT) and autofluorescence imaging technology.

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

Structural Health Monitoring System

A low-cost, multichannel early warning active structural health monitoring system using piezoelectric sensors.

Commercial contact: Aisha Sirop

Zinc Acid Manganese Battery

A zinc acid manganese (ZAM) battery that has more than double the energy density of comparable batteries.

Commercial contact: Gerard LaFontaine

Apicomplexan Vaccine

A non-live vaccine for the prevention of Apicomplexan parasitic diseases and pathogens.

Commercial contact: Francois Duvenage

Antiviral Agents

A proposal to screen several naturally occuring nucleoside analogues and their derivatives for antiviral activity.

Commercial contact: Commercialisation

Novel Antibiotics Based on Biotin Protein Ligase Inhibition

A new antibiotic that successfully targets infections based on Biotin Protein Ligase (BPL) inhibition.

Commercial contact: Commercialisation

A New Naive Embryonic Stem Cell

A new naive embryonic stem cell with increased pluripotency, and enhanced differentiation capacity, for treating neurological conditions.

Commercial contact: Commercialisation

Hydrogen-Bonded Organic Frameworks as Protective Coatings for Biomolecules

A purely organic, chrystalline matrix that can encapsulate, protect and preserve bio-molecules such as proteins, vaccines and enzymes.

Commercial contact: Commercialisation

New Australian Psyllium

An all-natural gelling agent for use in gluten-free processed food markets as a next generation dietary fibre.

Commercial contact: Cathryn Lee

Photocatalytic Conversion of CO2

A solar-induced system for photocatalytic conversion of carbon dioxide and water into fuel.

Commercial contact: Francois Duvenage

Method & System to Detect Orbiting Objects

Robust foreground segmentation and image registration for optical detection of objects in geostationary orbit.

Commercial contact: Francois Duvenage