Sparc Technologies granted patent for graphene based remediation technology


Sparc Technologies Limited (ASX: SPN) (Sparc or the Company) is pleased to announce it has received confirmation that the United States (USA) patent application number 15/578149 has now been issued as a patent.

Pollution of water and air by certain ionic contaminants, including heavy metals, has long been and continues to be a serious environmental concern for modern day society. This new granted patent now grants Sparc exclusive access to graphene’s unique ability to act in a porous matrix to remove heavy metal ions from liquid or gas, which has demonstrated high performance and efficiency for such use.

\The Company is now also exploring ways in which this technology can be tailored to facilitate removal of additional organic species from liquids or gas to further strengthen its ability to have a substantial impact on the many environmental challenges that exist today and complements the significant work the Company has already undertaken in respect of PFAS remediation.

The official patent number is 10864498. The patent is licensed from the University of Adelaide and will not incur licensing fees nor a royalty due to UoA being a substantial shareholder in Sparc Technologies.

See the full media release here.

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