Tranche Two seed funding announced under AEA

Three University of Adelaide-led research projects have been awarded funding in Tranche Two of Australia’s Economic Accelerator (AEA) Seed Grants:

Revolutionising Agriculture: Innovative Encapsulation Technologies for a Sovereign Supply Chain
Awarded $299,994 and led by Dr Yue Hui and Prof Chun-Xia Zhao from the School of Chemical Engineering, in collaboration with Bioproton Pty Ltd, this project aims to develop and upscale an innovative enzyme encapsulation technology, using 3D printing, to enhance enzyme stability and activity, which will have applications for the generation of value-add agriculture products, reduction of animal feed costs, decreased waste, and improved animal performance.

Sustainable metal extraction and recovery from metal-containing waste for renewable energy transition and circular economy
Awarded $199,783 and led by Associate Professor Philip Kwong in collaboration with Professor Volker Hessel, both from the School of Chemical Engineering, this project aims to provide the essential knowledge and intellectual property required to commercialise a sustainable metal-extraction process, using continuous-flow technology, for low-emission recycling of metal-containing wastes, such as e-waste spent lithium-ion batteries, and copper chromium arsenic-treated timber.

Rapid development of new medical treatment compounds from radioactive mine waste
Awarded $196,248 and led by Danielle Questiaux from the School of Physics, Chemistry and Earth Sciences, this project will investigate a new and economical source of cancer radiotherapy drugs, making use of radionuclides extracted from radioactive mine waste for use in targeted alpha therapy and potentially theranostics.

Australia’s Economic Accelerator (AEA) is the Australian Government's new stage-gated funding program to support translation and commercialisation activities aligned with national research priorities. The program will develop a pipeline from discovery through to commercialisation, ensuring Australia reaps the benefits of investment in research within the university sector.

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