SONIA and Wirltu Yarlu Student Mentoring

Over the past couple weeks you would have seen emails from Wirltu Yarlu regarding Sonia. Sonia Online is a placement allocation software used by The University of Adelaide, and is now the administration hub for the Wirltu Yarlu Academic Mentoring Program (WYAMP).

All students who have applied for Wirltu Yarlu Academic Mentoring Program assistance must log into Sonia and complete the task allocated to them.

To log in:

  1. Go to the Sonia Homepage
  2. Choose your role: Student.
  3. Enter your university username and password to log in
  4. User guide: How To Log In

Tasks for students to complete:

  • View your Mentor allocations in the "Placements" tab. If the mentor is listed but “not approved”, you can still contact them, but they have not yet been sent a contract. User guide: Viewing Allocations 
  • Complete all relevant checks within the "Checks" tab. The checks will disappear once they have been processed by Wirltu Yarlu. 
  • Go to the “Forms” tab, complete the student application if you have not complete it yet. If you do not require tutoring this semester or have already requested tutoring though the Wirltu Yarlu webpage, please still complete the form (there are opt out options) as you will continually receive email reminders until it is completed.
  • If you have changed your enrolments or your mind regarding mentoring and wish to add or remove subjects from your mentoring list please go to the forms tab, from the drop down menu select “Student Application Amendment”, add, then the form will be in your list. Select the correct placement group (WYAMP Semester 1), and edit the form. Follow the instructions within the form. User guide: WYAMP Student Extra Forms

Pay claims:

We no longer use paper claims. Pay claims are now sent out each fortnight through Sonia.

Your mentor first completes the form, then it is sent to you for approval.

There is a pay claim for each subject you have been allocated. You must complete each pay claim, even when you did not meet the mentor, and there are no hours to claim.

You will receive an email when the form is ready for you to approve, and to remind you to complete it before the due date. The email will contain a link to the form – you don’t have to log in to complete it.

The status of forms and tasks are easily viewed in Sonia Online. Pay Claims have three steps:

  1. Mentor submits,
  2. Student approves
  3. Coordinator approves.

When the Pay Claim is 0 of 3, then the mentor has not yet submitted it. When the Complete (All) form is listed as 1 of 3, then it is time for you to comment on it.

Work Programs and End of Semester Reports are also processed through Sonia.

If you want more information, please see the User Guides on the Sonia Wirltu Yarlu home page.

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