Indigenous Knowledges and Society Major

Wirltu Yarlu is now offering an Indigenous Knowledges major through the Bachelor of Arts or the Bachelor of Arts (Advanced).

The University of Adelaide is in the heart of traditional Kaurna country, and as such is surrounded by histories, knowledges and cultures which span thousands of years.

The Indigenous Knowledges and Society courses offer a rich learning experience that varies from: challenging dominant mindsets/world-views; broadening world-views, coming face to face with harsh realities of colonial legacies, introduces Indigenous methodologies, last but not least celebrates Aboriginal resilience’s enabling graduates to obtain an in-depth Indigenous knowledge set when working in a variety of fields including, but not limited to, education, research, health, the environment and government.

Each of these courses offer a unique experience to learn directly from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples: throughout the semester, guest lectures will be delivered by Elders representative of Australia’s diverse Indigenous languages groups, who share their stories, experiences and knowledge.