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Niina Marni!
Welcome to Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education at the University of Adelaide.

Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education is responsible for recruiting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students to the University's foundation and degree programs, administering the Access Pathway and providing support services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students in the University and the delivery of the Indigenous Knowledge Major.

The University is in the heart of traditional Kaurna country.

Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education takes its name from the Kaurna language. Wirltu Yarlu is the name given to the sea eagle who, according to Kaurna storytelling, is always striving to soar higher than before.

The name reflects our vision for an institution that makes an enduring contribution to our First Nations peoples through the transformative impact of education and employment.

Embodying this ethos of determination and aspiration, Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students and, through innovative programs, ensures that they have every opportunity to succeed in their studies.

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History of Aboriginal education at the University

The Centre for Aboriginal Studies in Music (CASM) began in 1972 and was the first Aboriginal program at the University.

An Aboriginal Access Scheme was launched in 1987 with the appointment of an Aboriginal Liaison Officer to support the Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander students studying in CASM and in degree programs. The aim was to also recruit more Aboriginal students to undertake tertiary study. With the development of Aboriginal programs in the late 1980s and the growth in Aboriginal student numbers it became important to establish a dedicated Centre for Aboriginal Education and so Wirltu Yarlu came into being in 1996. Wirltu Yarlu has moved through several name changes and has now settled on it's original essence of Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education.

Wirltu Yarlu Aboriginal Education has today grown to also undertake research including Higher Degree by Research Supervision.


The Australian Government requires information from higher education providers relating to their outcomes and future plans to meet ongoing responsibilities for Indigenous student achievement in higher education. The following Indigenous education statement documents have been provided to the Government to fulfil this information requirement: