Centre to unlock future of space exploration

For Engagement eNews October, a story about the new centre of space exploration. Pictured: Sustainable in-situ resource utilisation: the key to living in space.

Pictured: Sustainable in-situ resource utilisation: the key to living in space.

A new centre at the University of Adelaide will focus on solving the challenge of making long-term space exploration viable.

The new Centre for Sustainable Planetary and Space Resources will bring together experts who will develop ways to sustainably use resources in space.

Associate Professor of Off-Earth Resources John Culton III from the University's School of Civil, Environmental & Mining Engineering will head the new Centre. Associate Professor Culton is a retired US Air Force Colonel recruited as top talent to lead the Centre. He brings with him 27 years of experience in the US defence sector and diplomatic service.

Dr Andy Thomas AO, who was the first Australian NASA astronaut to go into space and a University of Adelaide Engineering graduate, will be patron of the new Centre. 


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