The Consortium brings together the research, industry knowledge and facilities of our partners, to lead a targeted program of research and translation projects.

  • Lowering the barriers between South Australian mining, engineering and technology services (METS) and mining companies to foster cooperation and innovation
  • Preparing the next generation workforce.

End user partners

These are exploration, mining and minerals processing companies, and they will ultimately use the products and systems the Consortium creates. Without these partners, we wouldn’t have a consortium.

Translation partners

These are METS companies that are experts in sensors, data analytics, process control, modelling, optimisation and mine operations. Their key role is to ‘translate’ research into commercialisable products and services.

    Research partners

    The University of Adelaide and the University of South Australia bring expertise in resource modelling, mining, geomechanics, sensors, data analytics, computer optimisation, process modelling, and mineral processing.

    Geovision CRC-P: Wealth from data

    We are proud to be immersed in the Geovision CRC-P: Wealth from data.

    This project is combining multi-sensory core scanners, data fusion and machine learning to capture geological and structural data not currently collected or analysed. The result will be intelligent vision, sensing and data fusion for mining and exploration.