Psychology Internship Program

Gain valuable experience applying your psychology knowledge and skills in a real-world environment.

The School of Psychology offers undergraduate students (in the Bachelor of Psychological Science, Bachelor of Psychology (Advanced), and those studying psychology through graduate entry) the opportunity to potentially undertake one or two internships – Psychology Internship (PSYCHOL 3028) and Research Internship (PSYCHOL 3029) – pending space in their program.

Our internships offer students the opportunity to gains hands on experience in a psychology-related role to further build knowledge and skills and provide guidance about future career aspirations. Students may be hosted within a business, government, not-for-profit or university environment.

Internships are an excellent way to demonstrate to future employers your ability to use your psychology-related knowledge and skills in the workplace, as well as showcase other important career skills such as interpersonal, communication, team, time-management and organisational skills. Having two internship courses also enables student to explore whether their interests and abilities are more aligned with applied psychology or research.

  • Internships are only offered during Semester 1 and 2 offered as a 3-unit elective for students in second or third year and typically commence in line with Semester start but may differ depending on requirements of the host.
  • Internships are typically 18 days (126 hours) in duration, usually over a 9-week period (2 days per week); days and dates negotiated directly with host organisation.
  • Students cannot self-enrol; unless self-sourced, internships are by application only and students will be selected through a competitive process with successful students enrolled by the Central Internships Team.
  • Students will be required to provide a cover letter, resume and complete an online video interview to apply for an internship.
  • Opportunities will be limited, applying for an advertised opportunity does not guarantee an internship.
  • In addition to tasks completed at their host organisation, students are required to complete university assignments.
  • About Internships

    Internships offer students the opportunity to:

    1. Try the career they may be interested in
    2. Apply knowledge and skills from their studies in a real-world work environment
    3. Learn how a business or research environment works
    4. Build professional networks and uncover hard-to-find work opportunities
    5. Develop communication skills and confidence
    6. Stand out against other graduates with the same qualification
    7. Increase employability through skills development and experience
    8. Enhance their resume by gaining real, relevant experience
    9. Gain references
  • Psychology Internship Course details

    Psychology Internship 3028 Psychology Research Internship 3029
    1. No Classes
    2. Undertaking an identified project/activities with Host
    3. 18 days with Host
    4. Assessment
    • Online quiz
    • LinkedIn profile
    • Reflective report
    1. Three flipped classroom classes and mini conference
    2. Undertaking an identified project/activities with Host
    3. 18 days with Host
    4. Assessment
    • Research quality assessment
    • Research protocol assessment
    • Infographic
    • Presentation
    • Authorship declaration

    For details regarding course learning outcomes, please refer to the Course Outlines

  • Sourcing an Internship

    Internships may be sourced in two ways:

    • University sourced - Most internship will be sourced by the Central Internships Team and promoted on the School of Psychology Career’s MyUni page, and this webpage with applications made through CareerHub;
    • Self-sourced- Students may self-source an internship. However, if you are thinking about this option, we ask you to research possible hosts but not to approach them. Once you have a list of possible hosts, you should discuss the options with the Academic Lead for Internships and Employability. Together, the student, Academic Lead, and Central Internship Team can work to finalise a self-sourced opportunity.
  • Eligibility and Selection Criteria


    To be eligible for a Psychology internship you must:

    Be a current undergraduate psychology student and

    • Have completed the following pre-requisites: (PSYCHOL 1000, PSYCHOL 1001, PSYCHOL 1005, and PSYCHOL 1006) or (PSYCHOL 1000, PSYCHOL 1001, PSYCHOL 1004, and PSYCHOL 1007)
    • Have attended a resume writing workshop or completed the online module and have an updated resume
    • Have a 3-unit elective available in your program, and
    • Be available and committed to attend your internship for 18 days over an approximate 9-week period.

    Students can only complete each internship course (i.e., Psychology Internship and Research Internship) once.

    Students study Honours in Psychology are ineligible for a psychology internship.


    If you are interested to know more about these internships, please contact the Internships Team via