Internal Art Loan Program

Internal Art Loan

Image: Thom Buchanan, Magnitude (detail), 2017, oil on canvas (A.VA.2019.987)

Original works of art from the University’s Visual Art (VA) Collection are available for loan in appropriate University spaces at North Terrace, Waite, and Roseworthy Campus.

Artwork is generally not available for tearooms, corridors, or teaching spaces, or in areas that cannot be easily monitored.

Request an artwork

  • The process

    The Internal Artwork Loans process is coordinated by the Assistant Curator, Art & Heritage, within Special Collections in the University Library.

    To arrange a loan request, please complete the Internal Art Loan Request form.

    Once received, the Assistant Curator will follow up the request.

    If approved, the Assistant Curator will work with you to select artworks, and will prepare the artwork for loan, provide an artwork label and oversee installation.

  • Cost

    Fees are levied on all internal loans, which are calculated at a cost of $65.90 per hour with a 3-hour minimum, to cover the installation. The cost of inter-campus transport of artworks is charged separately at a rate of $80 per hour and invoiced directly to the requestor.

  • Artwork selection and loan agreement

    The Assistant Curator will discuss preferences with you and take existing furniture and colour schemes into consideration before providing a shortlist of recommended artworks for your consideration.

    Once artwork selections have been finalised, the Assistant Curator will organise the loan agreement, which will include Installation Cost and Terms and Conditions as per below. The loan agreement is made between Special Collections and the relevant Office or Faculty.

  • Installation

    The Assistant Curator will coordinate delivery and installation of the artwork on receipt of the loan agreement. Artwork will be hung by a professional art installer under the supervision of the Assistant Curator.

  • Terms and conditions

    • Artworks can only be installed on walls that are fit for purpose. Any preparation or remediation required (eg patching, painting, installation of hanging track where walls are inappropriate for screws) will need to be arranged by the lender in consultation with Infrastructure.
    • Special Collections reserves the right to recall artwork at any time. Should this occur within the first 2 years of the loan agreement, a replacement artwork will be arranged at no additional charge.
    • Payment is due within 30 days of journal, which will occur once the installation is complete.
    • Installation, handling and packing of works will be under the supervision of Special Collections.
    • Artwork is to be handled by Special Collections staff only.
    • No collection item is to be copied, photographed, or reproduced in any form without written permission from Special Collections.
    • Special Collections must be immediately advised if building maintenance or otherwise will be taking place in the vicinity of the artwork at any time.
    • Artwork is insured under the University’s policy. The recipient, however, will be liable for the payment of any excess on the insurance cover should a claim arise.
    • Damages, however minor, must be reported to Special Collections immediately.
    • Artworks on loan are subject to regular condition checks and an annual audit by Special Collections.
    • Requests to return artworks or extend the loan need to be made in advance with Special Collections.