Library Bites for Teaching

Small class with teacher

Welcome to our online series for teaching staff. This series aims to demonstrate exactly how our services can assist with teaching across the University.

Topics covered include Open Educational Resources (what, how, and where!), using streaming services in teaching, Course Readings, copyright, and more!

Please contact us if there’s anything in particular you’d like to learn about and we will add it to the series program.

Library Bites for Teaching 

Resources for teaching academic integrity 
June 2021, Video: 15 minutes, 21 secs

Hear from guest host Dr Amy Milka, the University's Academic Integrity Support Officer, about the host of resources available to help with teaching academic integrity. 

Liaison librarians: your secret weapon for creating info-savvy students 
May 2021, Video: 8 minutes, 48 secs

Do you know who your Liaison Librarian is? Join Paula and learn about how we can help you and your students to find, evaluate, use and cite the best information for your courses.

Library Essentials for Teaching
March 2021, Video: 11 minutes, 47 secs

Learn about our suite of online information skills courses in this Library Bites for Teaching session. Vikki showcases our content and demonstrates how to embed or link to Library Essentials from your own MyUni course to make it available to your students.

Course Readings: What? Why? Where? How?
February 2021, Video: 7 minutes, 12 secs

Learn the basics of Course Readings and where to find the answers to your questions.

Finding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources to use in your teaching
1 December 2020, Video: 9 minutes, 35 secs

Let us take you through finding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander materials and resources to use in your teaching. Learn about protocols, the Indigenous Collections (including Yaitya Ngutupira) and the wide range of resources on offer.

Copyright confident: tips and tricks for your teaching
3 November 2020, Video: 18 minutes, 11 secs

Ever wondered if that material you’ve used in your course is subject to copyright? ​Learn about what you need to consider when using copyright material. This session will give an overview of the University’s new copyright procedures for teaching - allowing you to navigate copyright with confidence!

LinkedIn Learning resources to support student employability development
6 October 2020, Video: 14 minutes, 38 secs

An introduction to LinkedIn Learning resources for teaching and highlight content that supports the development of graduate attributes such as teamwork, communication skills, creative thinking, and digital capabilities.

Google, sometimes it's alright.
1 September 2020, Video: 12 mins, 10 secs

This webinar explores how to best use Google by introducing you to some search tools and searching tips and tricks. The handy features of Google Advanced Search and Google Scholar will also be covered. So, the next time you "Google it", you will have a better idea of how to get optimal results.

Digital Humanities: What is it and why should I be thinking about it?
4 August 2020, Video: 9 mins, 43 sec

A quick tour of humanities research using data, digital tools and methods. Find out how this can enhance your teaching and help generate cool outcomes for your students.

Wikipedia is (not) the enemy
28 July 2020, Video: 14 mins, 29 secs

Can Wikipedia ever be considered a reliable source? This session will cover some pros, cons, and alternatives for your students.

Power up your course readings
21 July 2020, Video: 11 mins, 23 secs

This session will give you an introduction to Course Readings, and show you how to use tags in your reading list to communicate with the Course Readings team and your students.

Teach and inspire with streaming video
14 July 2020, Video: 12 mins, 41 secs

Are you looking for high quality videos to use in your teaching? This session will introduce you to three streaming services available through the Library: Kanopy, Alexander Street and TVNews. Get access to thousands of videos across many subject areas and enable your students to actively engage with the material by creating playlists and clips.

Flexible and Free : an introduction to Open Educational Resources
7 July 2020, Video: 14 mins, 34 secs

The rapid shift to remote learning has demonstrated the adaptability of staff, but unfortunately copyright restrictions associated with many resources have presented blocks to online teaching. This session will introduce you to the concept of Open Educational Resources – freely available materials which you can use flexibly in your teaching!