Library Bites for Teaching

Small class with teacher

Welcome to our online series for teaching staff. This series aims to demonstrate exactly how our services can assist with teaching across the University.

Topics covered include Open Educational Resources (what, how, and where!), Course Readings, copyright, and more!

Please contact us if there’s anything in particular you’d like to learn about and we will add it to the series program.


Course Readings: What? Why? Where? How?
Video: 6 minutes, 45 seconds

Learn the basics of Course Readings

Finding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources to use in your teaching
Video: 9 minutes, 35 secs

Let us take you through finding Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander materials and resources to use in your teaching. Learn about protocols, the Indigenous Collections (including Yaitya Ngutupira) and the wide range of resources on offer.

Copyright confident: tips and tricks for your teaching
Video: 18 minutes, 11 secs

Ever wondered if that material you’ve used in your course is subject to copyright? ​Learn about what you need to consider when using copyright material. This session will give an overview of the University’s new copyright procedures for teaching - allowing you to navigate copyright with confidence!

Welcome to Digital Humanities
Video: 6 mins, 36 sec

Join us for a chat with Dr Aaron Humphrey (Lecturer, Media and Digital Humanities, University of Adelaide) and Alexis Tindall (Manager, Digital Innovation, University Library) about what digital humanities actually is and how we support DH study and research at the University Library.

Wikipedia is (not) the enemy
Video: 14 mins, 29 secs

Can Wikipedia ever be considered a reliable source? This session will cover some pros, cons, and alternatives for your students.

Flexible and Free : an introduction to Open Educational Resources
Video: 14 mins, 34 secs

The rapid shift to remote learning has demonstrated the adaptability of staff, but unfortunately copyright restrictions associated with many resources have presented blocks to online teaching. This session will introduce you to the concept of Open Educational Resources – freely available materials which you can use flexibly in your teaching!