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An initiative of the Friends of the University of Adelaide Library

'The Byble in English', imprinted at London by Edwarde Whytchurche, 1533The University Library holds many early printed and rare books collected largely through generous donation. This is a working collection and these unique and valuable resources support and stimulate the University's extensive and varied teaching and research programmes.

As conservation treatment is beyond the means of regular library funds, the Friends of the University of Adelaide Library, through its Adopt-a-Book initiative, offers library supporters the opportunity to make a donation or to adopt a particular book of interest to them or to their family.

There is a wide range of titles in need of repair and restoration. A list of selected items provides further information concerning these works and their current condition.

'Of Bodies and of Mans Soul' by Kenelm Digby, 1669If you are interested in a title or subject area that does not appear in the list please contact us. We are keen to hear your reasons for wishing to adopt a particular book.  Perhaps it was important for your studies, written by a favourite poet or someone dear to you or maybe the work provided inspiration in some part of your life.

Repair and restoration work can vary from full rebinding to the making of a protective box. The cost can also vary significantly from a few hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars. Please talk to the Library about a quotation for your chosen book.  General Adopt-a-Book donations, of any denomination, are also welcome.

Conservation work has already been undertaken on a number of rare books. A list of items restored by the Library's conservators demonstrates how repair and restoration can enhance both the safe storage and ongoing use of a treasured resource.

Further information about the Adopt-a-Book program can be obtained by downloading the Adopt-a-Book brochure. Alternatively, if you would like to make a general contribution, donations can be submitted online at any time.

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