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Lawrence Hayes
Papers ca. 1940-1988

MSS 0115

Biographical Note

Lawrence Hayes was Head of Drama at the Adelaide Teachers College and the Adelaide College of Advanced Education.  He also directed numerous productions, including Dark of the moon (1968), See how they run (1969), Crimes of passion (1970), King Carnute (1980) and Who killed the king (1982).

Contents Listing

Series 1: Promptbooks Middlesborough Little Theatre late 1940s/early 1950s. 23 cm.

1. 'Quiet Weekend'
    includes names of cast, scenery sketches and rehearsal schedules
2. 'Yellow sands' / Eden and Adelaide Phillpotts
    with envelope of photographs, sketches and plans
3. 'I remember Maria' / John Van Druten [after 1948]
    with envelope of photographs, sketches and plans
4. 'Grand National night' [1950?]
    with envelope of photographs, sketches and plans
5. 'Anna Christie'
    with envelope of photographs, sketches and plans
6. 'The heiress' / Ruth and Augustus Goetz [after 1949]
7. 'Hassan'
    with envelope of photographs, sketches and plans
8. 'See Naples and die'
    with envelope of photographs, sketches and plans
9. 'The guinea pig' [after 1948]
    with cast list
10. 'Gioconda smile' [1950]
    with envelope of photographs, sketches and plans
11. 'Heartbreak House' (March 1959) Producer: Barbara Frances
    with set plan
12. Envelopes of photographs, scenery sketches and plans only of
    'Cure for love' 1951
    'Murder without crime'
    'The Browning version' & 'A Phoenix too frequent'
    Plan only for 'East Lynn' 1951
    4 unidentified sketches
13. TV Production plans
    'Payment in full' [n.d.] Highbury Studio. Producer: T. Keary

Series 2: Makerere material. 2 cm.

2.1 Makerere scripts
(Plays written by students at Makevere University in Uganda in 1964-1965 for inhouse competition – authors not attributed)
'At the cross-roads'
'An interrupted morning'
'The debt'
'The strong breed'
'The return'
'Both my wives'

2.2 UTV Project scripts 1966, Makerere Dramatic Society (Uganda)
Produced by Lawrence Hayes? (working scripts with set diagrams, cast lists, rehearsal schedules, associated correspondence etc)

  • 'The dumb waiter'
  • Shakespeare, William. 'Hamlet'
  • 'The interview'


Series 3: Playscripts. 34 cm
[Copyright resides with the authors – no copying permitted]

3.1 Playwrights Retreat 1969 (with list of 5 plays on cover of folder)
1. Irish, Lola. 'The boutique: an Australian play in one act'. Typescript.
2. McGrath, Kevin. 'The Paradise shanty: a play for television' Typescript (photocopy)
3. Veitch, Catherine. 'Worm talk' Typescript (carbon copy)

    3.2 Association of Community Theatres
    1. Lyne, Allen. 'Who killed Cock Robin?' 1979 (workshopped by Lawrence Hayes: with     associated correspondence, cast lists, performance schedules etc: The Association of Community Theatres 'Works in Progress' Weekend workshop)
    2. Butcher, Kelvin. 'King Canute: a political comedy' Draft four. (workshop director Lawrence Hayes: with associated correspondence, cast lists, performance schedules etc: The Association of Community Theatres 'Works in Progress' Weekend workshop November 1980)

    3.3 Playscripts of various origins, many used in teaching of drama at the Adelaide College of Advanced Education in the 1980s

    Mainly photocopied and Roneo copied typescripts, many annotated.

    1. [no author] 'The Cage' [n.d.] Typescript (Roneo copy)
    2. Aronson, Linda. 'Redinka's lesson: a play for one woman' 2nd draft 1984. Typescript (photocopy) [English author]
    3. Bath, Robert, 'The Wall Street duet: a one-act play' 1971. Typescript (photocopy) [South Australian author]
    4. [Bridie, James] 'The sunlight sonata, or, To meet the seven deadly sins: a farce-morality' [1940?] Typescript (Roneo copy)
    5. Cooper, G. 'The fool's tale' [n.d.] Typescript (Roneo copy)
    6. Cregan, Peter. 'Transcending' [n.d.] Typescript (early photocopy)
    7. Davies, Herbert. 'Son of God: a mystery concerning the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ' 1971. Typescript (Roneo copy) [South Australian author]
    8. Elliott, Greg and Quintrell, Neil. 'Hidden agenda: a play in two acts.' 1985. Typescript (photocopy)
    9. Fisher, Rodney. 'A long view' [n.d.] Typescript (Roneo copy) [from Melbourne Theatre Co.]
    10. Folkard, Frederick C. 'Heine: A play in three acts' [n.d.] Typescript and carbon copy.
    11. Folkard, Frederick C. 'The Phillip affair' [First draft – July 1969] Typescript (carbon copy)
    12. Harding, Ray. 'The weekenders' [n.d.] Typescript (photocopy)
    13. Harvey, F.R. 'The springtime of Geraldine Parker' Draft. [n.d.] Typescript (carbon copy) [Australian author]
    14. Hayes, Lawrence. 'Mrs Henry Wood's East Lynne: an entertainment devised by Lawrence Hayes' [1969?] 2 copies. [Stamped Drama Dept, ACAE]
    15. Langford, Gary. 'Playing Moliere: a play' [198?] Typescript (Roneo copy) [Stamped: The Stage Co. Inc.]
    16. Marsden, Robert. 'The wicked, wicked stage: a comedietta with music (first version)' Typescript.
    17. Matthews, Bernard. 'Squaring up: a play in one act' [n.d.] Typescript (photocopy)
    18. Meggitt, Cathleen. 'A question of consent: a play in 3 acts' [n.d.] Typescript [Australian author]
    19. Milotti, Wendy. 'Country act' 1988. (with cast list) Typescript (Roneo copy) [South Australian author]
    20. Neilsen, Ted. 'The family room' [n.d.] Typescript (Roneo copy) [Australian author]
    21. Niggli, Josephina. 'Sunday costs five pesos: a Mexican folk comedy' [n.d.] Typescript (Roneo copy)
    22. [Palmer, Ann] 'Twika buys a wife: a play in one act' [1967] Typescript (carbon copy)
    23. Pritchard, Katharine Susannah (adapted from) 'The Pioneers' [after 1951] Photocopy.
    24. [Pryce, Richard] 'Frolic wind' 1957 (first performed 1935). Typescript.
    25. Rudd, Steele. 'On our selection' (rewrite of the script for the NIDA/Jane Street 1979 production) Typescript (photocopy)
    26. Sallis, Peter. 'End of term' [n.d.] Typescript (Roneo copy)
    27. Salter, Henry. 'The case: a play in two acts for two actors' 1983. Typescript (Roneo copy) [South Australian author]
    28. Spark, Muriel. 'The party through the wall' [n.d.] Typescript (Roneo copy)
    29. Strachan, John. Twinkle, twinkle, little star, or Harlequin Jack Frost. Little Tom Tucker, and the old woman that lived in a shoe: a grand comic Xmas pantomime / adapted by E. Lewis Scott. Sydney: H. Solomon, [1877?] Photocopy.
    30. Strauss, Botho. 'Big and little' / translated by Anne Catteaneo. 1985 production. (State Theatre Co.) Typescript (Roneo copy)
    31. [Tayleure, Clifton W.] 'East Lynne' c1863. Photocopy. [Stamped Drama Dept, ACAE]
    32. Tomholt, Sydney John. 'Anoli the Blind' [1936] Photocopied from The Best One Act Plays of 1936 (London, 1937) [Australian author]
    33. [Wilder, Thornton] 'The happy journey to Trenton and Camden' [1931] Typescript (Roneo copy)
    34. Wright, Hazel. 'Choose your weapons: three act play' [n.d.] Typescript (carbon copy) [Australian author]
    35. York Shoestring Theatre. 'Life in a chocolate factory' (Dialogue based on recorded discussions between employees of Rowntree-Mackintosh Ltd., York, and the performers) [197?] Typescript (Roneo copy)


    Series 4: Radio series. 5 cm.

    4.1 'Recitals'. 2 cm.

    Working script for a 5UV radio programme(?) on the theatre by Lawrence Hayes and others (late 1960s?).
    Consists of typescripts and extracts pasted onto sheets and marked up for recording with names of introducers/actors/etc and music. Also notes on running order/programme structure at end.

    • Part 1: Speech
    • Part 2: Audiences and so on
    • Part 3: Actors
    • Part 4: Reform it!

    4.2 Helen Mayo Radio series. 3 cm.
    'A Very Remarkable Woman: Dr Helen Mayo 1878-1967'
    3 part series, February 27, March 5, March 12 1992, Radio 5UV
    Produced by Decie Denholm; technical director Lawrence Hayes

    Papers include correspondence, working notes, running sheets, timings, contributor agreements, technical diary etc.


    Series 5: ABC and other radio dramas and features 1980s? 10cm.

    [Copyright resides with the authors – no copying permitted]

    5.1 Playbreak series
    1. 'Bath'/ Emlyn Williams; adapted for radio by Joy Holler [n.d.] Annotated typescript (photocopy)
    2. 'Dracula' / Bram Stoker; adapted for radio by Eric MacDonald. Annotated typescript (photocopy)

    5.2 Fictions series
    1. 'The return of Ida Mulloy' / Mike Giles. Annotated typescript (photocopy)
    2. 'All this and Tim Bourke too' / F.J. Willett. Typescript (photocopy)

    5.3 World theatre
    'Dark tower' / Louis Macneice

    5.4 Sunday Night Radio Two
    'Eyre remembers' / Francis Berry. Annotated typescript (photocopy)

    5.5 Radio Religious Programs: Encounter
    'Marriage is a lighthouse' / Dorothy O'Neill

    5.6 Other ABC radio script
    1. 'Portrait of a gentleman' / George Farwell
    2. 'Unsettled areas' Program 2. Aired 20/6/1981 Radio 5CL. Poetry by Murray Bramwell, Mile Ladd, Kate Llewellyn, Steve Evans and Elaine Golding; playlet by Tess Brady

    5.7 Association of Community Theatres
    'Night spaces' / Jennifer Rankine. Recorded 5MMM Studios 27/4/1981

    5.8 STC (State Theatre Company) and SAWT Playreadings
    'Raindrops on roses: a radio drama' / Simon Thanatos. 1988 (South Australian author)

    5.9 Other – not identified as ABC
    1. 'Stretch of the imagination' Production treatment
    2. 'Happy rest' / Marion Hoenig
    3. 'Takeover' / Douglas Muecke
    4. 'Juice' / James Casson © 1983
    5. 'One day I died: a radio play' / K.C. West

    Series 6: Teaching/research material - Adelaide College of Advanced Education Drama Dept.   
    13 cm.

    6.1 A/V training
    Handouts and ephemeral publication including:

    • A.A.A.E. National Conference (Canberra, 1973) Section 2: Technology media & lifelong education. Workshop 5: Closed circuit television. [Manual] / David Crossley. 13 p. Typescript (Roneo copy)
    • A.A.A.E. National Conference Media Workshops. "Preparing audio recordings": [handout] 2 p. Typescript (Roneo copy)
    • University of New South Wales. CCTV – Purposes, Problems, Prognosis [course] "TV programme script" / David Crossley. 1971. 17 p. Typescript (Roneo copy)
    • "Writing for television" / Harold Lander. 15 p. Typescript (Roneo copy)
    • TV script for "The Wrath of Ancestors" / V.O.K. 14 p. Typescript (Roneo copy)
    • "Notes on writing for television" / Pat Flower. 4 p. Typescript (Roneo copy)

    6.2 Australian Council for the Arts/Australia Council/Government support for the arts
    Course outline folder with Hayes course outline, notes, overheads etc. Also photocopies and originals of information circulars, press releases, reports, articles and publications 1969-1977, including:

    • "Culture in Australia: theatre and subsidies" Current Affairs Bulletin v. 34 no. 8 (31 August 1964)
    • Material from the UNESCO Seminar on the Performing Arts (Canberra: 1969) Typescripts (Roneo copies)
    • "On what conditions might amateur drama qualify for public support?" / Lawrence Hayes [Address to Australian UNESCO Seminar on Support for the Performing Arts. n.d.] Typescript (Roneo copy)
    • The Australia Council. Subsidized theatre in Australia / Arthur Meadows and Anne Warnock. 1975. 63 p. Typescript (photocopy)

    6.3 Craig/Appia/Saxe-Meiningen
    Course notes on stage conventions of George II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen, Adolph Appia and Edward Gordon Craig.

    6.4 Dance Drama
    Course handouts, overheads, list of taped music, reading list.

    6.5 Design
    Handout on set construction

    6.6 Drama in the U.K. universities until the 1950s
    Handouts, Hayes' course notes, photocopied articles. Photocopy of: Symposium on the Responsibility of the Universities to the Theatre, University of Bristol, 1951. The universities and the theatre / edited by D.G. James, with an introduction by Tyrone Guthrie. London, G. Allen & Unwin, [1952]

    6.7 Early film and radio: Australia
    Hayes' course notes/outline, photocopied articles.

    6.8 Educational drama

    6.9 Make-up

    6.10 Period movement (Speech & Drama B)
    Handouts; "Notes on period movement" / Matine Harman. Typescript (Roneo copy)

    6.11 Phonetics
    Ms notebooks (ca 1950s?); booklet: Word practice / Miss Wellesley-Reade. London: Pollard & Co. [194?]

    6.12 Stage management & production
    Handouts, overheads; photocopied extracts from Macbeth onstage / ed. Michael Mullin. University of Missouri Press, 1986.

    6.13 Voice (basic communication)
    Handouts, practice and exercise pieces, photocopied articles, overheads

    6.14 Miscellaneous notes, report

    • Outline of course on Twentieth century visual arts
    • ms notes on "How to stop group creation from becoming a cliché" and "Re-set setting to break stereotype images"
    • "Aspects of Training at the Performance Group" / Richard Schechner and "Notes to an actor" / Robert L. Benedetti. Photocopied extracts from Brown, Richard P, ed. Actor Training 1. New York: Drama Book Specialists, 1972.
    • Miller, Kevin. "A brief report upon opera training in the United Kingdom and its relationship to the emergent needs of Adelaide and Australia" Torrens College of Advanced Education, May 1978. [8] p. Typescript (photocopy)

    6.15 Teaching slides
    Slides of student models; teaching materials including slides of programmes, playbills, theatre plans. 6 sheets.


    Series 7: Other. 1 cm.

    Adelaide Festival Centre

    • Press release Dec. 1974 re completion of Festival Theatre Complex. 5 leaves
    • AFC sketch plans / Hassell & Partners 1969 10 leaves
    • Site plan, Plaza level n.d.
    • Promotional brochure 1973?
    • Book of postcards [1976?]

    Note: Selected items have been catalogued separately for the Theatre Collection

    • Décorateurs de théâtre Tchécoslovaques 1960-1970 = Designers of the Czechoslovak theatres 1960-1970
    • Scénographie Bratislava. Bratislava: Académie des Arts Musiques.
    • The design of drama spaces in secondary schools. London: National Association of Drama Advisers, 1966.
    • Tchecoslovàquia cenografia: XII. Bienal de São Paulo 1973.
    • The Australian [Special issue on the Sydney Opera House October 19 1973]
    • The Stage and Television Today [Special centenary supplement 31 January 1980 on 100 years of stage history 1880-1980]


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