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Manuscript Collections

Not all contents lists of our Manuscript collections are available on this web site. They will be added progressively. In the interim, if a contents listing you wish to see is not currently available online, please contact us.

Subject Guide to the Manuscript Collections

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Abbie, Andrew Arthur
Papers on physical anthropology 1930-1978
MSS 572.994 A124m

Abbie, Audrey (née Simpson)
Papers and letters
MSS 0211

Adamson, Peter
MSS 0182

Adelaide College of Advanced Education Drama Department
Student essays and project assignments
MSS 0066

Adelaide Medical Students' Society
Records 1889-
MSS 610.6 A21

Adelaide University Drama Society
Papers 1969-1972
MSS 792.099423 A228p

Adelaide University Footlights Club
Minutes and papers 1930-2003
MSS 790.2099423 A2283m

Adelaide Writers' Week
Papers 1980-1988
MSS 0070

Allen, Margaret
Gender studies
MSS 0103

Allen, Shirley Hope
See Marston, Hedley Ralph

Angel, Laura Madeline
Teaching notes for Zoology practicals and Zoology Dept. articles 1931-1960
MSS 0058

Atkinson, Leon
Papers 1958-1985
MSS 0024

Atkinson, Nancy
University lecturer, bacteriologist
MSS 0065

Australasian Association of European History
Papers and correspondence of Biennial Conference 1977
MSS 940.06 A938bi

Australasian Historians of Medieval and Early Modern Europe
Correspondence etc. 1976, 1991 Biennial Conferences
MSS 940.106 A937b

Australian Broadcasting Commission
Papers of Advisory Committees 1972-1977 & 1974
(from member Dr. A. Brissenden)
MSS 791.440994 A938p
MSS 791.450994 A938a

Australian Feminist Studies
Manuscript submissions for Telling Ways: Australian women's experimental writing / edited by Anna Couani and Sneja Gunew. Adelaide: Australian Feminist Studies Publications, c1988.
MSS 0108

Australian Society of Authors
Papers 1964-1982
MSS 820A A938p

Australian Union of Students
Papers 1971-1980
(In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access)
MSS 378.94 A937c

Badger, Geoffrey
Papers 1938-1997
Chemist, University Vice-Chancellor
MSS 0011

Bannon, Charles
Costume and scenery designs
Artist, art teacher
MSS 0230

Barkeley, Richard
Author, Historian
MSS 0256

Barr Smith Family
MSS 0170

Barr Smith Library
See University of Adelaide Library

Barrett, Robert
MSS 0134
(In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access)

Barwick, Ian
See Ian Barwick Associates

Bates, Daisy
MSS 572.994 B32t
Central Australian dialect 1931
MSS 572.994 B32c
Letters 1931-32 Ooldea ... to Professor FitzHerbert
MSS 572.994 B32l
See also Symon, L.K.

Bedford, Robert
Papers 1930-1966
Papers and correspondence re Kyancutta Museum and meteorites
MSS 92 B41113p

Bennett, Henry
Papers 1950-2004
University professor (Genetics)
MSS 0084

Bishop, John
Papers 1915-1973
Musician, University professor
MSS 0044
Correspondence 1949-1964 with Mrs Alexander re Music Camps Association
MSS 92 B6199c

Black, Eustace Couper and Roger Foster
Medical and Science notebooks, 1906-1950
MSS 0155

Boucicault, Dion

Illuminated address 1896
Theatre manager and actor
MSS 792.028092 B755i

Bragg, William Henry and William Lawrence
Research records of John Jenkin, 1914-2010
MSS 0144

Bray, John Jefferson
Chief Justice, University Chancellor, classicist, poet
MSS 0023
See also The University of Adelaide Archives Series 459

Brennan, Keith Gabriel
Papers relating to the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea
Lawyer, diplomat
MSS 0131

Brewster-Jones, Hooper
Musical scores
Composer, pianist
MSS 0162

Brine, John
Reader (Architecture and Town Planning)
MSS 0143

Brissenden, Alan
University teacher (English), writer, theatre and ballet critic
Collection of ballads and other music 1911-
MSS 784.4 C697
Manuscript and proof copies of A Chaste maid in Cheapside by Thomas Middleton and related correspondence 1965-1974
MSS 822 M62ch.BZ
Papers on dance in Australia
MSS 792.80994 B859a
Personal papers
92 B8583p
Posters on drama, dance, music and other performance
MSS 769.5 P857 (housed in Map Cabinet)
See also Glennon, Keith. Dance in Australia papers; Australian Broadcasting Commission

British Medical Association (South Australian Branch)
Papers 1918-1992
MSS 0231

Brose, Henry Herman Leopold Adolf
Papers 1909-1969
Physicist, pathologist and biochemist
MSS 0089

Brown, Beverley
Ballet scrapbook, Colonel de Basil and Borovansky programs 1937-c1940
Co-founder of The Friends of the Australian Ballet SA
MSS 0177

Brown, Tasman
Papers 1967-1989
Professor of Dentistry
MSS 0117

Browning, Thomas Oakley
Papers 1949-1983 **[Held at Waite Institute]**

Burden, Michael
Papers 1960-
University Professor (Opera Studies - Oxford University)
MSS 0168

Burns, Martine
Letters from Sir Mark and Lady Oliphant and Sir Walter Crocker
Interior designer
MSS 0076

Burtt, Edwin Arthur
Papers (photocopies)
MSS 1P B974p

Butcher, Mike
Research materials on Donald Gilbert Kennedy
Pacific historian
MSS 0203

Calvert, John
Research papers on Douglas Pyke (1908-1974)
Baptist pastor, lecturer Bible College of SA
MSS 0160

Campaign for Peace in Vietnam
Papers (June 23, 1968-1973)
MSS 0110

Campbell, Mrs Patrick
Promptbooks and programmes
MSS 792.95 C189

Campbell, Thomas Draper
Slides of central Australia, including Aboriginal art, people, ceremonies and sacred places
University professor (Dentistry) with interest in physical anthropology
MSS 301.2994 C191s

Cary, Tristram
Scores and papers 1944-2005
Composer, Reader and Dean of Music
MSS 0232

Carter, Jennifer
Research papers on Archibald Watson
Researcher, historical writer
MSS 0195

Carver, John Henry
University professor, physicist
MSS 0074

Cato, Nancy
Collection of unpublished letters and poems, manuscripts and signed published copies of her novels, Mister Maloga and Northwest by south
MSS 823A C36c and MSS 266 C366m

Chapman, Robert Hall
Research papers collected by John Jenkin
MSS 0204
See John Jenkin

Chapman, Robert William
Papers 1908-1939
University professor, engineer
MSS 0069

Chatterton, Brian and Lynne
Papers 1966-1984 principally relating to ministerial portfolios of Brian Chatterton and Lynne Chatterton's position as research assistant to the Premier/Minister, and general papers on rural policy
MSS 0028

Cheek, Donald Brook
Papers 1949-1989
Medical researcher, University teacher, administrator
MSS 0029

Chewings, Charles
Aranda vocabulary and correspondence 1931-1932 MSS 499.6 C529
Correspondence re Aranda vocabulary MSS 499.6 C529c
See also Strehlow, Carl

Chinner, Norman 
Scores, programs and papers 1929-1961
Organist, conductor
MSS 0180

Cleland, John Burton
Papers, principally relating to anthropology and medicine 1930-1971
Professor of Pathology, Anthropologist
MSS 572 C61

Cockburn, (Alexander) Stewart
Scrapbooks and other papers 1943-2003
MSS 0091

Contemporary Art Society of South Australia Inc.
Miscellaneous papers
MSS 709.942 C761m

Cornell, James Gladstone
Papers 1925-1985
University professor (French)
MSS 0053
See also Theatre Programmes, Cornell Collection

Cornish, Edmund Alfred
Lectures on Mathematical Statistics 1945/46
University professor (Mathematical Statistics)
MSS 0081

Correy, Allan Dale
Papers (drawings, slides and photos) relating to landscape architecture projects in South Australia 1961-1967
MSS 712 C824 (held in Map Cabinet)

Cowan, William Albert
Papers 1923-1974
University Librarian
MSS 92 C8723p

Cowell, Thomson Reid
Papers relating to the Pacific Islands 1961-1991
British colonial administrator, translator
MSS 0077

Crampton, Mary Hope St. Clair 
Memoirs "Chronicles of Small Beer"
MSS 0179

Crocker, Walter
Papers 1922-1997
Ambassador, writer
MSS 327 C938P

Crompton, Robert Woodhouse
Papers 1949-1987
University Lecturer (Physics)
MSS 0223

Cross, Robert
Scores and papers 1922-2013
Composer, Music teacher
MSS 0189

Culver, Robert
University professor (Engineering)
MSS 0142
(In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access)

Cumming, Denis
MSS 0093

Daily, Brian
Papers 1954-1985
MSS 0010

Darling, Leslie
Papers, notebooks, thesis 1937-1952
University demonstrator (Chemistry)
MSS 0197

Darmody, Susanna Helena
Papers, photographs and memorabilia re: Adelaide Hospital,1918-1939
MSS 0222

Davey, Laurence Llewellin
Papers c1896-1999
Medical practitioner, gynecologist
MSS 0225

Davidson, Ian
Papers 1943-2000
Photographer, film maker
MSS 0064

Davies, Edward Harold
Papers 1887-1947
Musician, music teacher, University teacher
MSS 0059

Davis, Bruce Raymond
Electrical engineer
MSS 0101

Davy, Ruby Claudia Emily
Papers and manuscript scores 1904-1947
Composer, music teacher
MSS 0041

Dennis, Wilfred Edwin
Papers re history of Cluniac Order 1977-2001
Anglican priest 
MSS 0116

Denton, Margaret Abbie (Meg)
Ballet dancer, dance notator
MSS 0127

Dibden, William Andrew
Papers 1979-1991
MSS 0073

Dossor, Lance 
Scores and papers
MSS 0151

Douglass, Sara
Draft and proof copies of The Axis Trilogy and The Wayfarer Redemption series of fantasy novels, related correspondence and miscellaneous papers
MSS 0060
London 16th-20th century indentures and other legal documents
MSS 0139

Drabbe, Petrus
Fieldnotes on the Tamagario language of West Papua, ca 1960
Catholic priest, missionary
MSS 0202

Duckhouse, Derek Anthony
MSS 0236

Dutkiewicz, Ludwik
MSS 0259

Dutton, Alan
MSS 0098

Eardley, Constance Margaret
Papers 1927-1978
MSS 0021

Earl, John Campbell
Papers 1903-1978
MSS 0037
The mutarotation of glucosamine hydrochloride (PhD thesis)
MSS 547.7813 E12m

Early Imprints Project
Brochures, posters, catalogues etc. 1979-1981
(In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access)
See also Brissenden, Alan. Personal papers
MSS 094 E12b

Edgeloe, Victor Allen
Papers 1925-2003
University administrator
MSS 0051

Elder, Sir Thomas 
Papers and realia (1857-1892)
MSS 0252

Elliott, Brian Robinson
Papers 1954-1989
University teacher (English), writer
MSS 0032

Ellis, Annie Rita
Biology notes (as a student at Adelaide University) 1903-1904
MSS 0061

Ellyard, David
Research Papers on Sir Mark Oliphant
MSS 0251

Elford, William Graham
Radio Physicist, University Lecturer
MSS 0253

Faber, David
Papers re Sante Barbieri
Labour historian
MSS 0184

Fahey, Mary Eileen
Geography notes (as a student at Adelaide University) 1930
MSS 0138

F.H. Faulding & Co.
Photographs and other items related to the early production of penicillin
See also Florey, Howard
MSS 615.329 F261p

Fenner, Charles and Frank
Papers, 1889-2003 
Educationist, geographer, author, University professor
MSS 0141

Fergie, Deane
Papers on gender studies
University lecturer (Gender Studies, Aboriginal studies)
MSS 0137

Fiji Broadcasting Commission
Studio script and tapes recorded by Jim Crago
MSS 0208

Finnis, Margaret
English tutor, University Union historian
MSS 0099

Fischer, Gwenda and Gerald
Law librarian, Archivist
MSS 0158

Fisher, Ronald Aylmer
Papers 1911-1994
Statistician, geneticist
MSS 0013

FitzHerbert, John Aloysius
Papers 1882-1963
University professor (Classics), linguist
MSS 0030
Papers received from the estate of Professor FitzHerbert 193?
MSS 499.6 F555p
Notes on a paper ... entitled Notes on some native tribes of Australia ...
MSS 499.6 F555
See also Bates, Daisy. Letters 1931-32; Love, J.R.B. Papers and correspondence; Chewings, Charles. Aranda vocabulary; Chewings, Charles. Corespondence re Aranda vocabulary; Short, L.M.T. Papers and correspondence ... re the Hula language; and Strehlow, Carl. The Aranda and Loritja tribes in Central Australia  ... supplementary correspondence

Fleming, Daniel
Papers 1656-1701 (photocopies) collected by Dr. D.R. (Roger) Hainsworth
MSS 0071
(In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access)
See also Hainsworth, D.R. (Roger)

Flentje, Noel
MSS 0132
Professor of Plant Pathology, Waite Agricultural Institute

Flinders University of South Australia
Papers on staff participation in the Vietnam Moratorium Campaign 1971
MSS 959.7 F622v

Florey, Howard Walter
Papers (principally articles and photographs on penicillan)
MSS 0082
See also F.H. Faulding & Co.

Fox, Malcolm
Papers 1969-1997
University teacher, musician, composer
MSS 780.7299423 F793p

Francki, Richard Ignacy Bartolomiej
Correspondence 1961-1970
Plant virologist
MSS 0121

French Family
Papers relating to Pernatty Station
MSS 0218

Fritzsche, Gotthard Daniel
Papers on 19th century doctrinal dispute S.A. 1846-1863
Lutheran Pastor
MSS 284.1 F919

Gale, Fay
Papers on Aborigines in Adelaide and South Australia, including genealogies 1950s-1982
Some files are RESTRICTED
Anthropologist, University Vice-Chancellor
MSS 0050

Garbett, Kingsley
Reader (Anthropology)
MSS 0175
Currently being listed. Please contact Special Collections for assistance.

Gent, Alison
Research papers collected by Lesley Yvonne McLean
French & English tutor, Women's Liberation Group
MSS 0205

German Settlers in South Australia
Papers collected by A.J. Schulz and Derek van Abbe
MSS 994.2 G3888
See also Triebel, Louis Augustus

Gillen, Francis James
Notebooks on anthropology of the Aranda people and Aranda vocabulary
MSS 09 G47
See also Spencer, Baldwin

Gillespie, Kenneth
Biographical papers and photographs
Ballet dancer and teacher
MSS 0255

Glaessner, Martin Fritz
University professor (Geology) 
MSS 0088

Glennon, Keith
Papers on dance in Australia 1955-1970
MSS 792.80994 G558d
See also Brissenden, Alan

Gostin, Olga
Papers on the Kuni people of Papua New Guinea 1909-1997
Social Anthropologist
MSS 0245

Gostin, Victor
MSS 0242

Gould, Frances
See Solomon, Frances

Grainger, Percy
MSS 0187

Grant, Kerr
MSS 0075

Gray, John
University professor
MSS 0178

Green, Herbert Sydney
Papers 193?-1979
Mathematical physicist
MSS 0005

Grimble, Arthur
See Maude, H.E.

Groot, Gerry
Music scores 1902-1961
University lecturer (Chinese studies)
MSS 0199

Hague, Ralph Mayerick
Papers 1888-1996 (including list of books presented in 1985)
Lawyer, book collector
MSS 0057

Hainsworth, David Roger
17th century English estate papers (photocopies)
MSS 942.06 H153e
(In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access)
See also Fleming, Daniel

Hall Chapman, Robert
Research papers collected by John Jenkin
MSS 0204
See John Jenkin

Hantke, Ethel [Ethel Hedwig Cowan]
Recordings 1944-1949
MSS 0237

Harcourt, Geoffrey
Papers [listing incomplete]
Economist, University teacher
MSS 0007

Harris, Clement
Pianist, composer
MSS 0239

Harris Family
MSS 0213
See also Harris, Maxwell Henley

Harris, Maxwell Henley
Papers 1935-1989
Writer, bookseller
MSS 92 H315p
See also Harris Family

Harrison, Edwina
Photographs and papers on WomAdelaide 1993
MSS 0136

Hayes, Lawrence
Papers ca. 1940-1988
Drama teacher at the Adelaide Teachers College and the Adelaide College of Advanced Education

MSS 0115

Hayman, David Lindsay
Reprints 1955-1995
Lecturer in genetics
MSS 0113

Healey, Derek Thomas
Papers 1953-1991
MSS 0022

Hetzel, Kenneth Stuart
Papers 1916-1966
Medical practitioner, University teacher
MSS 0004

Hicks, Cedric Stanton
Papers 1931-1982
Physiologist, University teacher
MSS 572.9942 H631p

Hicks, Cedric Stanton and Dibden, William Andrew
"Research in Nervousness" Project
MSS 0159

Hicks, Neville Derrington
Papers re Health Care in South Australia
University lecturer (Community medicine)
MSS 0226

Hill, Rowland and Helen Elizabeth
Papers 1879-2006
Hill family papers
MSS 0122

Hillcrest and Glenside Hospitals (South Australia)
Publications, leaflets, building surveys 1964-1992
Collection transferred to State Records of South Australia in May 2023

Hinze, Heinrich
Cartoons and display material
MSS 0135

Holder, Alison
Papers, c1960-1990
Musician, University teacher
MSS 0062

Horne, Colin James
Papers 1939-1998
University professor (English)
MSS 92 H8125P

Hourigan, Michael Andrew
Papers and correspondence associated with humanitarian work
Lawyer, War crimes investigator
MSS 0212
To be listed. Contact Special Collections for assistance.

Howard, Paul and Godowsky, Leopold
Papers, programmes, scrapbooks 1894-2009
Research records of Peter F. Howard
Musician, pianist
MSS 0193

Howchin, Walter
Papers 1865-1921
MSS 92 H853P
See also Mawson, Douglas

Hübbe, Edith and Caw, Majorie
Papers of Hübbe and Caw families 1859-1988
Early childhood educator, family history
MSS 0046

Hughes, Henry Goronwy Alun
Papers 1931-
Linguist, researcher, librarian, writer
MSS 0047

Hugo, Graeme
University professor (Geography, environment and population)
In secondary storage. To be listed. Contact Special Collections for assistance.

Hurst, Charles Angas
Correspondence 1952-1988, papers re the Adelaide University Union 1962-1975
Mathematical physicist
MSS 0008
Collection transferred to University Archives in July 2018

Hutchings, Suzi
Papers on Aboriginal and Native Title research
Social anthropologist
MSS 0215

Huxley, Leonard George Holden
Physicist, University professor
MSS 0035

Hyde, Miriam
Music compositions/scores 1930-1990
MSS 0036

Ian Barwick Associates
Landscape architect, urban designer
MSS 712 I11d

Illing, Robert
Papers on music, prepared texts of early music, compositions 
Professor of Music, Flinders University 
MSS 780 I29p

Inglis, Kenneth Stanley
Lectures in history, University of Adelaide 1956-1959
University teacher (History)
MSS 0067

Jackson, Agnes Elizabeth
Treatise, 'Social Behaviour, Economics and the Environment'
Papers 1906-1964
MSS 0123

Jackson, Sarah Elizabeth
Papers 1906-1964
Personal correspondence
MSS 92 J142

James, Alan Treleven
Papers 1950-2013
Statistician, University professor
MSS 0173

James, Bryan
Papers on Adelaide theatre and cinema history
MSS 0107

Jamrozik, Konrad
Papers on population health and clinical practice
University professor
MSS 0146

Jauncey, (George) Eric (Macdonnell)
Research papers collected by John Jenkin
MSS 0118
See John Jenkin

Java Sugar Archives
MSS 0106
In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access.

Jenkin, John
Research papers on Robert Hall Chapman (1890-1953)
MSS 0204

Jenkin, John
Research papers on (George) Eric (Macdonnell) Jauncey (1888-1947)
MSS 0118

Jensen, Rolf Arthur
Papers 1957-1997
Architect, town planner, University professor
MSS 0086

Johnson, Darlene
Papers, posters and photographs
University graduate, actress
MSS 0157

Johnston, Thomas Harvey
Papers on prickly pear eradication
MSS 632.5 J73p

Jolly, Erica
MSS 0244

Jones, Frederic Wood
Illustrations for 'Mammals of South Australia' 192-?
University professor, botanist
MSS 599 J7a
MSS 599 J7s

Jones, Helen Patricia
Papers, travel notes
University lecturer (Political Institutions)
MSS 0181

Josephi, Beate
See Adelaide Writers' Week

Jutson, John Thomas
Papers (photocopies)
MSS 0025

Kaurna Children's Letters
Letters 1840-1843
MSS 0186

Kelly, David St. Leger
Papers re law teaching
Former Secretary (Law Department - Victoria Government)
Former Chair Victorian Law Reform Commission
MSS 0156

Kennedy, Donald Gilbert
Research material compiled by Mike Butcher
See Butcher, Mike

Kerr, Donald Beviss
Papers 1919-1942
MSS 0102

Kinmont Family
Theatre memorabilia
MSS 0221

Kneebone Family
Glass slides, pathology notebook
MSS 0209

Koeler, Herman
Sketchbooks 1837-38
German artist. Sketchbooks include early scenes of South Australia
MSS 0185

Lamb, Horace
Exercise books
Professor of mathematics
MSS 532.5 L21

Lander, Harry
Physician, Reader (Department of Medicine)
MSS 0105

Laurence, Gerald
Papers re University Theatre Guild and Dept of Continuing Education 1979-1982
University teacher, chemist
MSS 0012

Leitch, Phyllis
Papers on dance 1911-1950
MSS 792.8099423 L533p

LeMire, Eugene
William Morris Bibliography Papers
MSS 0246

Legerton, Henry
Papers and Correspondence
MSS 0247

Lenman, Bruce
Records for the study of crime in early modern Scotland 1450-1800 (photocopies)
MSS 0054

Light, William
Sketches and watercolours of Egypt
Surveyor, artist
MSS 0165

Lindsay, Harold Arthur
MSS 828A L748s

Long, Desirée
Scrapbooks on Allan Wilkie Shakespearean Company and Shakespeare performance 1922-1970
MSS 0001

Love, James Robert Beattie
Papers and correspondence on Worrora language and culture MSS 499.6 L897
Worrora grammar and vocabulary MSS 499.6 L897w

Lovelock, William
Organist, composer, music examiner
MSS 0238

Lynch Family Bellringers
Posters, sheet music and handbells
MSS 792.70994 L9871P
Posters housed in Map Cabinet

McBriar, Maude
Papers on Geology
MSS 0248

McCredie, Andrew Dalgarno
Papers re 3rd International Musicological Society symposium 1979 and re a history of the performing arts in South Australia
Musicologist, University professor
MSS 780.01 M13a

McDougall, Katrina (Kate)
See David Saunders

McFarlane, Sandy
University professor and director (Centre for Traumatic Stress Studies)
MSS 0224
To be listed. Contact Special Collections for assistance.

Mckail, Ronald George
Forest Diary 1912-?
MSS 634.9 M153

McKie, Duncan
Music compositions
MSS 0150

McLean, Lesley Yvonne
Research papers on Alison Gent
MSS 0205
See Alison Gent

McNamara, Louis Warnecke
MSS 92 M16813P

Macfarlane, Walter Victor
Papers 1947-1985
MSS 0006

Maegraith, Brian
Papers on Donald Burnard
MSS 0201

Magarey, Kevin
Lecturer in English
MSS 0124

Magarey, Susan and Round, Kerrie
Source materials and draft of Roma the First: a Biography of Dame Roma Mitchell
MSS 0125

Magarey, Susan
Draft of and papers re Looking Back: Looking Forward – a century of the Queen Adelaide Club 1909-2009
MSS 0126
MSS 0206

Mares, (Tim) Francis Hugh
Papers 1948–2000
University teacher (English)
MSS 0079

Marsh, Neville
Collected papers 1952-2008
Physiologist, Deputy Vice-Chancellor
MSS 0129

Marston, Hedley Ralph
Papers 1932-1972
MSS 0080
See also Oliphant, Marcus Laurence MSS 92 O4775p

Martin, Peter
Papers 1954-1996
University professor, botanist
MSS 0092

Martin-Harvey, John
Notes and prompt-books pertaining to various stage productions, early 20th Century
MSS 0072

Maude, Henry (Harry) Evans and Honor Courtney
Papers 1904-1993
Pacific historian, administrator
MSS 0003

Mawson, Sir Douglas
Papers re geology (including some papers of Walter Howchin) 1872-1956
University teacher, geologist, Antarctic explorer
MSS 0009

May, Brian
Film composer, conductor
MSS 0241

Mayer, Peter B.
Papers of various University appointment committees, working parties etc. and papers on Australian support for Bangladesh independence 1974-1992
University teacher (Politics), historian
MSS 92 M468p

Mayo, Janet Edith and Family
Journals and Correspondence
MSS 0257

Medical Sciences Club of South Australia
Minute books 1920-1958; scientific communications 1922-
MSS 610.6 M479
MSS 610.6 M479s

Records 1970-1972 collected by M. Goode
MSS 790.2099423 M491p

Medlin, Brian Herbert
Flinders University Lecturer (Philosophy)
MSS 0254

Medlin, Edwin Harry
Correspondence, diaries, scrapbooks, theatre programs, Prisoner of War material 1940-2013 
University lecturer (Physics)
MSS 0217

Megawatt '41
University of Adelaide Department of Drama students papers 1975
Playscript and source materials re 1941 close-down of radio stations 5KA Adelaide and 5AU Port Augusta for alleged 'subversive broadcasts'.
MSS 0172

Middleton, Thomas
See Brissenden, Alan

Mitchell, Jim
MSS 0133

Mitchell, William and Mark Ledingham
Notebooks and papers c1890-1978
Professor of English, Vice-Chancellor, Chancellor
Professor of Biochemistry & General Physiology

MSS 0033

Moon, Geoffrey Narramore
Research papers on Robert Schumann
MSS 0120

Moouga H.I.N.
[Diary kept on Flint Island 1889-1891]
MSS 996.4 M8259d

Moriarty, Oliver
Papers on conservation, national parks and native title debate 1970-1998
MSS 333.72 M854p
In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access.

Morrison, Robert Hay
Collection of his published poems, articles and translations 1946-1977
MSS 821A M881po

Moyle, Wendy
Ballet scrap books 1958-1968
Dancer, choreographer
MSS 0228

Muecke, Douglas
Playscripts and letters to and from Barbara Wall
University lecturer (English language and literature)
MSS 0220

Mueller, Ferdinand
Original letters to Ralph Tate
See also Tate, Ralph
MSS 09 M9

Murch, John and Michelle
Correspondence, photographs, drawings etc from the estate of Gloria and Arthur Murch
See Marston, Hedley Ralph MSS 0080
See Oliphant, Marcus Laurence MSS 92 O4775p

Murray, Sir George
Scottish Deeds: a cartulary of manuscripts from 1559 - 1787 with regard to the Lands of Tilligrieg, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
MSS 0192

National Science Students Association
Records c1957-1971
MSS 506 N2779
In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access.

Naylor, Henry Darnley
Lectures, translations and notebooks
Classicist, University professor
See also
University of Adelaide Classics Department
MSS 824A N333

Neill, Wilfrid
Scrapbooks relating to The Adelaide Repertory Theatre 1907-1930
MSS 0161

Nelson, Francis Rayfield
Papers relating to printing for the Archdiocese of Melanesia 1972-1976
Master printer
MSS 0083

Nesbitt, R.W
Papers relating to the Giles Complex Research Project
MSS 0235

O'Donovan, John Purcell
MSS 0045

Oliphant, Marcus Laurence
Papers 1927-1983
Physicist, Governor of South Australia
MSS 92 O4775p
See also Marston, Hedley Ralph MSS 0080

Oliver, Robin Langford
Papers 1944-1986
MSS 0018

Osborn, Peter George
Papers 1926-1999
Actor, naval instructor, clergyman
MSS 0063

Osborn, Theodore George Bentley
Papers 1908-1968
Botanist, University professor
MSS 0020

Paleg, Leslie
Papers 1974-1994
Professor of Plant Physiology
MSS 0167

Paterson, Daphne
Scrapbook related mainly to ballet in Australia ca 1939-1980. 1 v.
MSS 0140

Penman, Howard Latimer
[Diary of a trip to Australia] 1951-1952
MSS 0152

Perkins, H
orace James
Orchestral works c1929-1964 and tapes of their performances c1953-1964
MSS 0027

Petrie, Arthur Hill Kelvin
see Wood, Joseph Garnett and Petrie, Arthur Hill Kelvin

Phillips, Linda
MSS 0240

Piper, Herbert Walter
Papers, principally re his work on Coleridge 1959-1990
Professor of English (Universities of New England and Macquarie)
MSS 0042

Potts, Renfrey Burnard
Research papers and correspondence 1947-2014
University Professor (Mathematics)
MSS 0216

Poulton family
Papers of Dr. Benjamin Poulton and his daughters 1869-1983
Medical practitioner
MSS 0017

Pratt, Rosalie and Joyce, Nancy
Dame Margot Fonteyn memorabilia
MSS 0154

Raymond, Ira Doley
Papers 1949-2006
University Librarian
MSS 0097

Reid, Bob
MSS 0207

Rennie, Basil Cameron
Papers 1885-1990
Mathematician, University professor
MSS 0055

Richards, Matthew and William, Stationers of London.
[18th century accounts to Mr Booth for stationery and scribe services]
MSS 0153

Richards, Robert
Travel journal and scrapbook 1948
Premier (South Australia)
MSS 0214

Riddle, Arthur Raymond
Manuscript diary and specimen boxes
MSS 0234

Roberts, Michael
Papers, mainly on Sri Lanka ca. 1800-1999
Anthropologist, University teacher
MSS 0031

Roberts-Thomson, Peter John and Roberts-Thomson, Mary Elizabeth
Medical Studies lecture notes 1961-1970
MSS 0174

Robertson, David Stirling
Papers and lecture notes
Engineer, scientist
MSS 0166

Robertson, (Clara) Enid
Music, opera, drama and ballet 1894-1963
See: Theatre Programmes - Robertson Collection MSS 792 T3743.R

Robertson, Thorburn Brailsford
Papers c1902-1990 
MSS 574.19 R65pa

Robinson, Arthur James
Surveying Papers
MSS 0095

Rogers, George Ernest
Papers re biochemistry, T.B. Robertson and insulin 1970-1976
MSS 0026

Rogers, Richard Sanders
Papers and biographical material 1894-2003
Medical practitioner, University teacher, orchid enthusiast
MSS 0085

Rothauser, Christine
Wilhelm Richard Wagner collection of vinyls, prints, posters, lithographs and engravings
MSS 0194

Rudd, Eric
Ympa, Peter

Ryder, Thomas
Diary of establishment of plantation in Lau Group, Fiji, in 1865 (photocopy)
MSS 0014

Santich, Barbara
Papers on the culture and cuisine of Mediterranean France during the 14th and 15th centuries c1911-1990
University Professor (Food Studies)
MSS 0219

Saunders, David
and Katrina McDougall
Papers on architectural history and wineries of South Australia 1980-1987
Architect, Architectural historian, University teacher
MSS 0068
Proposed museum files collection
MSS 0260

Scanlan, Norman
Scrapbook and picture file on symphony orchestras c1930-1950
Elder Conservatorium Orchestra and Choir conductor
MSS 0090

Schaffer, Kay
Papers on gender studies
University professor
MSS 0104

Schultz, Chester
Papers and recordings on Aboriginal music and Centre Australian Studies in Music
Pianist, composer, author, historical researcher
MSS 0190

Schulz, Adolf John
Biographical material 1882-1985, collected by Dr. H.H. Penny
Educationalist, college teacher
MSS 0052
See also German settlers papers

Schwerdtfeger, Hans
Papers 1927-1990
Mathematician, University professor
MSS 0034

Scott, Jeff
MSS 0198

Semmler, Clement William
Author, literary critic.
MSS 820.9A S472p

Sheridan, Tom
Research papers 1935-1967
University teacher (Economic historian)
MSS 0111

Short, Lillian Mary
Papers and correspondence with Professor FitzHerbert re works of the Hula language 1936-1938
MSS 499.1 S559

Silsbury, Elizabeth
Theatre programmes and papers 1952-
MSS 792 T3743.S

Simpson, Donald
To be listed. Contact Special Collections for access

Sinzheimer, Gerhart Paul Gustav
Notes on Russian history c1950-1967
MSS 92 S6179p

Skinner, Brian
Papers on Geology
MSS 0249

Smith, John Hilary
Papers 1970-1978
Financial Secretary, Solomon Islands
Governor, Gilbert and Ellice Islands

MSS 0183

Smith, Keith and Ross
Certificates, pamphlets, photographs, and miscellanea 1916-1956
MSS 92 S653

Solomon, Frances
Papers relating to study and teaching at the Elder Conservatorium 1921-1970
MSS 0078

South Australian Committee of Enquiry into Post-Secondary Education
Papers of Jim Hyde 1974-1979
MSS 378.9423 S726p
In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for access.

Southcott, Heather
News clippings archive on the Liberal Movement and the Australian Democrats 1970-2006
MSS 0119

Souvenirs of the Theatre
Collection of Mrs. H. Pritchard of play texts, programmes, scores, photographs and other memorabilia 1898-1909
MSS 792.09421 S729

Spencer, Baldwin
Tape copies of recordings of the 1901 expedition to Central Australia and accompanying correspondence
MSS 305.89915 S745A
Photographs taken on Spencer and Gillen expeditions
MSS 572.994 S74p
See also Gillen, Francis James

State Theatre of South Australia
Playscripts - separately catalogued (a detailed list is available)

Stirling, Edward Charles 
Papers 1884-1918
University professor (Physiology)
MSS 610.4 S86m

Stolz family
Papers, principally re war service and death of G.A. Stolz 1886-1958
MSS 0002

Strehlow, Carl
The Aranda and Loritja tribes in Central Australia / translated by Charles Chewings; and supplementary correspondence with Stadtisches Volkermuseum, J.A. FitzHerbert and F.W. Preece and Sons, and FitzHerbert and Oxford University Press re publication
MSS 572.994 S91a.E
See also Chewings, Charles

Strong, Archibald
Travel diaries, notebook, lecture notes 1902-1929
University professor (English), poet
MSS 92 S91856m

Sullivan, Barry
Illuminated addresses 1856-1879
MSS 792.028092 S949i (Map Cabinet)

Sved, George and Marta
Papers, including autobiographical account of Marta's life in Hungary prior to emigration 1937-1994
University teacher (Civil Engineering)
MSS 0056

Symon, David
Papers re Project 361 - Biological Reconnaissance to Central Australia 1873-1955
MSS 0164

Symon, Floy Angel Nan
Papers 1912-1975
Collector of theatre materials
MSS 0038
See also Theatre Collection illustrations; Theatre playbills and posters; and Theatre programmes, Symon collection

Symon, Lesley Kilmeny
Letters from Daisy Bates 1941-1946
See also Bates, Daisy
MSS 0015

Tallis, George Michael
Papers 1956-2009
Reader, Deptartment of Statistics
MSS 0233

Tancibudek, Jiri
Papers and scores
Oboist, conductor, University professor
MSS 0169 

Taplin, George
Vocabulary and grammar of the language of the Aborigines ... of the Lakes and the Lower Murray
MSS 499.6 T17

Tapp, Adrian Lynda
University of Adelaide and personal memorabilia 1918-1922
MSS 378.942 T174m

Tate, Ralph
Lecture notes on geology c1890s
Natural scientist
See also Mueller, Ferdinand
MSS 0016

Taylor, Andrew
Poem 1987
Poet, University teacher
MSS 0019

Theatre Collection illustrations
MSS 792 T37428

Theatre Playbills and Posters
Theatre Map cabinet 792.09 P722

Theatre Programmes

Theological Students Christian Union of South Australia
Minute book 1923-1944 & supplementary material
MSS 267 T391m

Thiersch, Marie-Louise
Papers 1961-1985
University teacher (German)
See also Theatre Programmes, Thiersch collection
MSS 0039

Tidswell, Andrew Leigh
Election ephemera 1970-1983
MSS 0112

Tindale, Norman Barnett
Vocabulary of Pitjandjara
MSS 499.6 T58

Tregenza, John Miller
Historian, University teacher, art historian, curator
MSS 0049

Trevaskis , John
Papers 1942-1994
University professor (Classics and Comparative Philology)
MSS 0109

Triebel, Louis Augustus
Manuscript notes on the history of the South Australian German population
See also German Settlers in South Australia
MSS 994.2 T825

Tuck, Ernest (Ernie) Oliver Tuck
Papers 1957-2007
University professor (Applied Mathematics)
MSS 0128

Turpin, Edwin James
Diary and narratives 1870-c1890 (photocopies) and related papers c1970
Early settler in Fiji
MSS 92 T957

Turner, George William
University teacher (English)
MSS 0087

Tyler, Michael
Papers 1959-2005
University professor (Zoology)
MSS 0229

University of Adelaide
Miscellaneous student publications 1968-1984
MSS 378.94231 A228mi

University of Adelaide - Classics Department
Exercise books containing Greek and Latin Prose exercises c1900

University of Adelaide - Department of Geography
Papers and teaching slide collections c1940-1978
MSS 0100
Aerial Photographs and Flight Diagrams
MSS 0250

University of Adelaide - Department of Geology
Historic and Teaching Maps
MSS 0163

University of Adelaide - Elder Conservatorium  
Papers 1900-
MSS 0145
See also University Archives for additional records

University of Adelaide - Law School
Papers related to the teaching of law and the history of the Law School, and legal notebooks 1823-1983
MSS 0130

University of Adelaide - Law Students Society
Law revue: publicity and scripts
MSS 790.2099423 A228l

University of Adelaide - Select Committee on the Future Development of the Barr Smith Libray
Papers 1979
MSS 027.794231 A228p
These records have been transferred to the University Archives

University of Adelaide Library
Archives and Social Club
These records have been transferred to the University Archives

University of Adelaide Theatre Guild
These records have been transferred to the University Archives

Vanbrugh, Irene
Illuminated address 1928
MSS 792.028092 V219i 

Verco, Joseph Cooke
Clinical notes St. Bartholomew's hospital 1877
MSS 616.07 V482

Victoria. Royal Commission into the failure of the Westgate Bridge
Exhibits and transcripts of proceedings collected by Professor Frank Bull
MSS 624.2 V645
In secondary storage. Please contact Special Collections for assistance.

Wagner, Wilhelm Richard
See: Rothauser, Christine
MSS 0194
To be listed. Contact Special Collections for assistance.

Wall, Barbara
See: Muecke, Douglas
Playscripts and letters to and from Douglas Muecke
MSS 0220

Warhurst, Arthur
Student notes, scrapbook
Pianist, organist, Town Clerk
MSS 0191

Warneke, Sara
See Douglass, Sara

Waterson, John
Dentistry papers
MSS 0210

Watson, Andrew
University professor (Asian Studies)
MSS 0188

Watson, Archibald
Diaries and correspondence
Elder Professor of Anatomy
MSS 0261
See Also Carter, Jennifer

Weld, Elizabeth Eleanor
Diaries and lecture notes
Medical student
MSS 0096

Wheaton, Amy
Papers 1925-1979
Social worker, educator
MSS 0043

White, Thomas Charles Raymond
Papers, research data and photographs
University professor, Dean, research fellow (Biological sciences)
MSS 0196

Wilkie, Allan
Papers 1878-1970
Shakespearean actor and director
MSS 92 W6825p

Williamson, Arthur
Scores and photographs 1908-1938
Pianist, organist, composer, music teacher
MSS 0200

Williamson, Terence (Terry)
Research Papers
Associate professor (Architecture)
MSS 0176

Wingrove, Keith
Scrapbooks 1930-1978
Newspaper articles principally on Australian literature
MSS 0048

Wood, Joseph Garnett
Papers re photosynthesis
University professor (Botany)
MSS 0227

Women's Studies Resource Centre
MSS 0148

Women's Studies Resource Centre
Poster collection
MSS 0149

Wyles, William
Papers re Chinese Maritime Customs Service
MSS 0171

Yaitya Warra Wodli
Scrapbooks and Newspaper Clippings on Aboriginal Matters
MSS 0243

Yeatman, Charleton
Reports of post-mortems, No. 2 General Hospital 1916-1917
Medical practitioner
MSS 616.0759 Y41n

Yeatman family
Papers 1887-1993
Medical practitioners
MSS 0040

Ypma, Peter
Papers ca1950-1991
University professor (Geology)
MSS 0094

Zinnbauer, Helga Josephine
Articles re, obituary notices
Library staff
MSS 92 Z78h

Zuckerman, Fredric (Ric)
University lecturer
MSS 0147
To be listed. Contact Special Collections for assistance.

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