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William Henry Bragg and The University of Adelaide


The World of Sound. 1920
  1. ‘On the absorption of alpha rays and on the classification of alpha rays from radium,’ Philosophical Magazine 8 (1904), 719–725.
  2. Studies in Radioactivity. 1912
  3. Nature’s architecture: Being the Earl Grey Memorial Lecture delivered in the King’s Hall, Armstrong College, on the 4th February, 1922
  4. The world of sound. 1920. Six lectures delivered before a Juvenile Auditory at the Royal Institution, Christmas, 1919
  5. The crystalline state – The Romanes Lecture for 1925. Oxford, 1925
  6. Concerning the nature of things; six lectures delivered at the Royal institution.1925. The atoms of which things are made; The nature of gases; The nature of liquids; The nature of crystals: diamond; The nature of crystals: ice and snow; The nature of crystals: metals
  7. Old Trades and New Knowledge.1926
  8. An introduction to crystal analysis. 1928
  9. The universe of light. 1933
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