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Medical Fungi

Descriptions of medical fungi

4th Edition (available now)

Sarah Kidd, Catriona Halliday and David Ellis

The 4th edition of this book provides laboratory staff and clinicians with a benchtop reference on the identification and antifungal susceptibility of human and animal fungal infections. It contains descriptions of all the major medical fungal pathogens, 179 species from 109 genera. 

This updated edition includes new and revised descriptions and the authors have reconciled current morphological descriptions and name changes with more recent genetic data. The most common fungal species are described, including members of the yeasts, mucoromycetes, conidial moulds, dimorphic pathogens, and dermatophytes. The book features:

  • updates to taxonomy and fungal names.
  • more than 350 colour photographs. 
  • antifungal susceptibility profiles, including for new drugs where available.
  • methods of identification including molecular and/or MALDI-ToF mass spectroscopy.

This handy reference is essential for laboratory staff and clinicians dealing with the identification and management of human and animal fungal infections, researchers in medical microbiology and mycology laboratories.

Published by CABI   


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*This content is intended for Healthcare professionals only and is based on the Descriptions of Medical Fungi textbook. PP-AIP-AUS-0025. 01/22.


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Name changes for medical fungi

Name Changes for Medical Fungi