National Mycology Reference Centre

The National Mycology Reference Centre is actively involved in the teaching of medical mycology to undergraduate medical students, post-graduate medical students undergoing specialist training in microbiology, infectious diseases and dermatology, and medical technologists and scientists.

Helen laboratory

Morphological identification of fungi.

The Centre also hosts a regular national course in medical mycology. Mycology Online is an extension of the reference and teaching activities of the Centre.

Other functions include:

  • The provision of the medical mycology component of the Quality Assurance Programme organized by the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia which currently reaches over 120 laboratories situated in Australasia, South East Asia and Oceania; and
  • The maintenance of a reference collection of medically important fungi for teaching and research purposes.
DNA extraction

Automated DNA extraction from skin and nail samples for dermatophyte PCR.

Research interests

The National Mycology Reference Centre has research interests in the following areas:

  • Antifungal drug discovery.
  • Antifungal susceptibility testing.
  • Surveillance for emerging antifungal resistance.
  • Ecological and epidemiological studies on Candida, Cryptococcus, Scedosporium, Fusarium, Aspergillus and the dermatophytes.
PCR for direct detection for dermatophye

Multiplex tandem PCR for direct detection of dermatophytes in skin and nail samples.

Testing available

Routine testing (Physician requested testing to be submitted via SA Pathology)

  • Fungal microscopy, culture and susceptibility testing
  • Dermatophyte PCR (skin scraping, nail and hair pluck specimens only)

Referred testing (Laboratory referred testing)

  • Definitive identification of yeast and mould cultures
  • Antifungal susceptibility testing of yeasts and moulds
  • Referral form with current pricing

Please note that fungal serology testing (galactomannan, Cryptococcal antigen) is available through SA Pathology.

PCR for direct detection of T. rubrum

Dermatophyte PCR result indicating detection of Trichophyton rubrum complex.


Dr Sarah Kidd

National Mycology Reference Centre
Microbiology and Infectious Diseases 
SA Pathology
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Adelaide SA 5000

Phone: +61 8 8222 3000

The National Mycology Reference Centre does not provide patient consultations or referrals. Individuals with concerns about fungal infection should seek advice from a registered healthcare professional. Information is provided for education and scientific purposes only and is not intended to replace advice from a registered healthcare professional. Information about a service, product or treatment does not imply endorsement.