Onychocola canadensis

Onychocola canadensis is an uncommon cause of distal and lateral subungual or white superficial onychomycosis.

However, it may sometimes be present in an abnormal-appearing nail as an insignificant finding, not acting as a pathogen.

Culture of Onychocola canadensis

Culture of Onychocola canadensis.

RG-2 organism.

Morphologial description: 
Colonies grow slowly and are velvety to lanose, white to yellowish, with a brownish reverse. Arthroconidia are cylindrical to broadly ellipsoidal, one to two-celled, hyaline to subhyaline, 4-16 x 2-5 µm in size, forming long chains. Older cultures may show broad, brown, rough-walled hyphae.

Arthroconidia of Onychocola canadensis

Arthroconidia of Onychocola canadensis.

Key features: 
Slow growing, white, arthroconidial mould isolated from nails.

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