Thermomyces stellatus

Thermomyces stellatus is a thermophilic mould first isolated from mouldy hay in England and Wales (Apinis, 1972).

Thermomyces stellatus

Stellate pigmented conidium of Thermomyces stellatus.

RG-1 organism.

Morphological description:
Colonies are moderately fast growing, olivaceous-grey, suede-like to floccose and grow at temperatures up to 50C. Conidiophores are short lateral branches of the vegetative hyphae each bearing a single terminal conidium. Conidia are one-celled, smooth-walled, subglobose and hyaline when young, becoming dark brown and stellate (star-shaped) when mature, 2 x 3 µm in size.

Thermomyces SEM

Scanning electron micrographs showing stellate conidia of Thermomyces stellatus.


Key features:
Thermophilic mould, growth at 50C, producing darkly pigmented, stellate conidia.

References: Apinis (1963, 1972), Ellis (1981).

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