Lactrimel Agar

For the production of pigment by Trichophyton rubrum.


Skimmed milk powder (use only Dutch Jug skimmed milk powder) 7 g

Honey 10 g

Cornmeal agar (Oxoid CM0103)  17 g

Chloramphenicol  0.05 g

Distilled water  1000 ml


Weigh skimmed milk into stainless steel jug. Slowly add some water, mixing milk into smooth paste. Continue adding small quantities of water until powder is dissolved (about 150ml).

Weigh other ingredients into skimmed milk and allow to soak.

Boil remaining water, and with it wash out honey from beaker.

Add to other ingredients and boil.

Dispense for slopes if required.

Autoclave for 10 minutes at 121C.

On removal from autoclave allow to stand 5 minutes then shake and slope on racks or pour plates which ever is applicable.

Note: Do not filter or adjust pH in any way.