Urea Agar Slopes with 0.5% Glucose.

For the differentiation of urease producing organisms.

Urea Glucose Broth Base

Urea, broth base (Oxoid CM71) 0.9 g

Glucose 5 g

Distilled water 450 mL

Add the Urea broth base and glucose to the distilled water in a 500mL beaker.

Dispense in 5 x 90 mL amounts.

Autoclave at 121OC for 20 mins.

When cool, label and store in the fridge.

Method to Make Slopes

40% Urea Solution (Oxoid SR 20) 10 mL

Bacto agar (BD 214010) 3 g

Distilled water 100 mL

Add agar to 100 mL of distilled water in a 250 mL pyrex bottle.

Autoclave at 121C for 15 minutes and place in 50C water bath.

When cool add 90 mL of the Urea broth with glucose and the 10 mL of 40% urea solution to agar and dispense in 3 mL aliquots and angle bottles to form slopes on racks.