Reconciliation Action Plan

The University of Adelaide launched its inaugural Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) on Wednesday 18th September 2019. 

The RAP, which was given the Kaurna name Yangadlitya (translating to “for the future”) highlights the University’s ongoing commitment to reconciliation through the creation of an environment where Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander and non-Indigenous Australians can learn, teach and research alongside one another from a basis of mutual respect and understanding.

Yangadlitya is the culmination of the University’s two Reconciliation Statements; the first of which set the foundation for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander education, research and engagement in 2003; the second renewing this commitment in 2014.

The University’s aspirations for reconciliation are defined under the three pillars of respect, relationships and opportunities. Greatest emphasis is on fostering the University’s contributions to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander empowerment and self-determination. The core message is that reconciliation is an outcome of recognition, inclusion and representation in every part of university life and decision making. 

Reconciliation Action Plan

  • Yangadlitya – RAP Progress Report

    The University of Adelaide has made considerable progress along our reconciliation journey, forming deep connections with the South Australian Aboriginal community and igniting passion and action across all areas of the University.

    The progress report highlights the reconciliation milestones achieved by the University community as a whole, acknowledging the challenges presented by COVID-19 and offering recommendations for the remaining targets within the RAP and the actions we can all take to encourage positive change in our communities.