Academic Integrity Ambassadors

Welcome Academic Integrity Ambassadors

Student Academic Skills has support of 13 volunteer Academic Integrity Ambassadors within their team.

The Academic Integrity Ambassador Program is a student leadership program aimed at promoting a culture of academic integrity through engaging students in peer-to-peer support, education and engagement. Academic Integrity Ambassadors act as role models and student voices of Academic Integrity through the organisation and running of workshops, support with the organisation of initiatives, events, colloquiums and panels and assistance with the creation of educational resources.

Ambassadors are a link to students and staff in their Faculty so please reach out to us to find out more about how they can support you. Contact: Claudia Gottwald, Academic Integrity Skills Officer, email:

Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Taseef Farook

Dr Taseef Farook, PhD in Dentistry, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
Academic integrity is simple to define, tricky to explain, and at times difficult to uphold when faced with real-world dilemmas. I have learnt that there are no universal right answers as every test of academic integrity is different to the situation. I am humbled to have been provided with the opportunity to assume the prestigious role of Academic Integrity Ambassador, which puts me in a position to both advise students and learn from experts on the best practices available to demonstrate integrity and come out on top without losing anything in the process. Because in the resonating words of Earl Nightingale, “Integrity is the seed for achievement. It is the principle that never fails.

Nishadi Gamage

Nishadi Gamage, PhD in Medicine, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences
I was interested in the Academic Integrity Ambassador role as I was excited to represent the University of Adelaide and contribute to promoting the academic integrity of the University. Moreover, I consider this an opportunity to develop my leadership, networking and interpersonal skills.

Leslie Li

Xusheng (Leslie) Li, Master of International Management, Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics
Academic Integrity is very crucial for the success of academic performance. I want to share my knowledge and experience to help you understand and apply Academic Integrity in your study. See you all at our activities!

Skye Xie

Tianyu (Skye) Xie, Master of Strategic Communication, Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics
I am here to build a culture of integrity on campus. I strongly believe that integrity is something that is deep-rooted in each one of us, and violations of academic integrity policies often come from genuine misunderstandings. Personally, I have witnessed students receiving repercussions for plagiarism when they did not even know what the word stands for. I believe that once every student in our university has a good understanding of the concepts related to academic integrity, we will be able to build an environment that facilitates academic integrity naturally.  The culture of integrity is built in three steps: Awareness – Implementation – Advocacy (I call it the AIA process and if it happens to have the same acronym as Academic Integrity Ambassador, yes, it’s intentional). In this process, students firstly become aware of the importance of academic integrity and have a basic understanding of related ideas. Then, this awareness is implemented in our study activities. Finally, everyone becomes an advocate for academic integrity.  Come to our events and keep in touch with us. Together, let’s build this awesome culture of integrity!

Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

Abitha George Thomas

Abitha George Thomas, Master of Architecture, Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

I'm an international student who is new to the educational system here. I had little knowledge of academic integrity before I began my Master's degree at the University of Adelaide but I got to understand its importance in depth during my 1st semester. I learnt the value of academic integrity and the consequences of academic breach from real life experiences of people and that's when I realised there are a lot of students out there just like me who come from countries where academic integrity isn't given much importance. Hence, I wanted to become an Academic Integrity Ambassador to help create awareness among students about the importance of practising Academic Integrity at the University as it create values which are essential post studies, in workplaces and in life. Also, as a student from a creative discipline like the Master of Architecture, it can be difficult to understand academic breach as there are lesser written assignments and more of designing which isn't mentioned in the academic integrity modules. I'm happy to join the Academic integrity team which helped me learn more about it from a creative discipline aspect too.

Nafisa Haque

Nafisa Haque, Bachelor of Science (Advanced), Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology
I am very pleased and excited to be a part of this student ambassador program. It will not only be limited to maintaining integrity strictly but also to get involved with many different types of work allowing students to develop skills. I want to be dynamic with my active role in this.

Liancheng Li

Liancheng Li, PhD in Built Environment
Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology

There are so many services provided by the University of Adelaide to support students achieve academic success. This program (the Academic Integrity Ambassador Program) is a bridge or a platform for experienced students to help students who are unaware, unfamiliar, and afraid of seeking integrity support.  Integrity rewards us confidence, and I am delighted to be with you.

James Maletto

James Maletto, Bachelor of Science (Advanced) (Honours), Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology
I applied to be an Academic Integrity Ambassador because I want to help foster a culture of Academic Integrity and help my fellow students understand the importance of Academic Integrity – i.e., why Academic Integrity is important beyond just the fear of being caught, and disciplined, by the university – Academic Integrity is more important than simply this. In doing so, I hope to aid in the Academic Integrity of our current and future academics.

Tejas Nakhale

Tejas Nakhale, Master of Mechanical Engineering, Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology
I am happy that I am working as an Academic Integrity Ambassador. The greatest motivation for me was to help the students to ease their University life and spread awareness about the importance of Academic Integrity. Feel free to contact me, I am here to help you. 

Don Tran

Don Tran, PhD in Engineering, Faculty of Sciences, Engineering and Technology
It is an honour to be part of the Academic Integrity Ambassador team, to work alongside dynamic peers, and be a voice of a higher education institution. Can’t ask for more.