Working with Artificial Intelligence

Working with Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is big news right now, and it’s going to change the way we live, work and study. At the University of Adelaide, we’re committed to embracing this change and integrating AI into our teaching and learning.

However, it’s important to understand how to work with AI responsibly, in ways that support your learning and maintain academic integrity.

This means understanding when AI can be useful, and when using AI would mean you are skipping important steps in your learning.

Remember that when it comes to assessments, your instructors want to assess your skills and understanding, not what AI can do! The following behaviours are breaches of the University’s Academic Integrity Policy:

  • Submitting work which was completed or partially completed by a third party; or
  • Submitting work for assessment that is not your own, without attribution or reference to the original source.

This includes submitting work which was wholly or partly created by an artificial intelligence tool.

How to Use AI Responsibly

Artificial Intelligence is rapidly evolving and its capabilities are changing, and so our approach will continue to be updated. While we all learn together, the most important thing is to be responsible and transparent in the way you're using AI, and to consider privacy and security. 

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Any questions?

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