Academic Integrity Module - FAQ

All commencing students are required to complete an Academic Integrity Module, which contains important information to guide your studies at the University of Adelaide.

The module is available in MyUni, and you can access it via different courses connected to your program. See the FAQs below for more information.

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  • What is the Academic Integrity module?

    Academic integrity is important for all students at the University of Adelaide. The purpose of the module is to help you understand what academic integrity is and how to achieve it.

     The principles of honesty, trust, respect, fairness and responsibility underpin academic integrity. As you work through the module, you will learn how to apply these principles to help you achieve academic success.

    At the University of Adelaide, staff and students are all responsible for maintaining academic integrity. The Academic Integrity Policy applies to all students enrolled in a University of Adelaide program.


  • Who needs to complete it?

    As part of the commitment to Academic Integrity, the University has provided this module to prepare you for your studies. All commencing students are required to complete the module. 

    A commencing student is defined as a student who is newly enrolled in a University of Adelaide program, even if you have studied with the University before in a different program, or transferred between programs.

  • I see the Academic Integrity Module in more than one course. Where should I complete it?

    In order to reach all commencing students, the Academic Integrity Module has been embedded in several MyUni courses. This includes the Orientation module, a separate MyUni course, and several core courses listed below. You only need to complete the Academic Integrity Module once, even if you have access in several different courses.


  • I completed this module last semester, do I need to do it again?

    No. If you completed the module in a previous semester, you are not required to do it again, although you are welcome to revisit the materials and quiz as a reminder. 

  • Where can I find the module?

    Please do not search for the Academic Integrity Module in MyUni - you may find the wrong one! Instead, use the guide below to find your module, and if you have any questions, email   

    Undergraduate Students

    To reach all commencing students, the module has been embedded in a number of MyUni courses. You can find the module in the following courses:

    If the MyUni course for your subject has not yet been published, please be patient! It should appear in your MyUni dashboard over the coming days.

    I am studying... Teaching Faculty Course
    Degree Transfer/Pathway Program/University of Adelaide College   Academic English course
    Undergraduate program    Orientation Essentials and other discipline-specific core courses.
    Open University course  

    In your Course List in MyUni, search for a module called OUA Student Orientation [2023]. If you cannot find the module, email with your student ID and program.

    A postgraduate program (including semesters and online teaching periods)  

    If you were added to the Orientation Essentials course, you can find it there. Otherwise, in your Course List in MyUni, search for a module called Academic Integrity Module PG 2023. If you cannot find the module, email with your student ID and program.

    A Higher Degree by Research   You do not need to complete this module. Explore your obligations under the Responsible Conduct of Research Policy.


  • I have a different academic integrity module in my course (e.g. Law), do I need to complete this one too?

    Certain programs or courses (such as Law and Human Anatomy) have their own discipline-specific modules for Academic Integrity. If you complete one of these modules, you do not need to complete the Academic Integrity Module.We are aware that the Law module is available from Week 5, so please do not worry that you have missed the deadline, your completion will be counted.

    We automatically register completions from Law and Human Anatomy courses. If you have any questions, you can email

  • I do not see the Academic Integrity Module in my course. What should I do?

    The module is only available to commencing students.

    If you require any assistance, please email with your program title and student ID number.