Appealing an exclusion for unsatisfactory academic progress

If you have received a notice of exclusion under the Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy and wish to appeal the decision to exclude you from your academic program, you can do so by lodging a Stage 3: Internal University Appeal with Student Affairs.

However, students can only appeal an exclusion on procedural grounds. This means that you must demonstrate that the Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy has not been complied with - i.e. that there has been non-compliance with the Policy “which amounted to a serious defect in the Executive Dean’s (or delegate’s) decision."

You are encouraged to seek free, independent and confidential advice on what options are available to you in your particular circumstances, by contacting an Education and Welfare Officer (EWO) in Student Care.

Lodging your appeal

To lodge an appeal against an exclusion, complete this student appeal application form within 20 business days of receiving your exclusion notice.

Any breaches of the Academic Progress by Coursework Students Policy you are relying on should be clearly stated in your appeal application form. You should also read the appeal submission guide to ensure your application is complete.

If your appeal application is found to have grounds by Student Affairs, the University will attempt to negotiate a mutually agreeable resolution between you and the respondent (e.g. the Executive Dean or their delegate). 

When there is a mutually agreeable resolution, your appeal comes to an end.

If a mutually agreeable resolution cannot be achieved, your appeal will be referred to the Student Complaint Appeals Committee for determination. 

If you are dissatisfied with the outcome of your Internal University appeal, you are able to make a complaint to an external agency. You are also able to do this at any stage of the process. A number of external agencies may be able to assist, depending on your type of complaint.


Any enquiries regarding the Student Complaint Resolution Policy can be directed to the Student Grievance and Conduct Advisors in Student Affairs.

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