Credit Transfer

If you have completed study at another institution, you can apply for credit towards your University of Adelaide program.

Applying for credit

Once you have gained entry into a degree, you can submit a credit application. Please complete the relevant form for your Faculty.

International coursework students

International students may request credit for previous study/advanced standing when submitting their application. Once this is assessed you may receive an offer with an ‘advanced standing plan’ and a modified duration (e.g 2.5 years instead of 3 years for a Bachelor’s etc). Read more about applying for credit.

You may also apply for course credit after you've commenced your program. You should contact International Student Support to discuss the visa implications of reducing the duration of your program.

Higher degree by research students

If you are a current or prospective research student wishing to apply for credit, you will need to apply for this at the time of applying for your research degree. Please contact the Adelaide Graduate Research School if advice is required.

Group of Eight Credit Transfer Agreement

Group of Eight (Go8) universities have a Credit Transfer Agreement in place, which enhances the mobility of students between Go8 member universities.


In recognition of the excellence of teaching and research that exists in Go8 universities, members agree to support the mobility of students between them by facilitating the transfer of credit earned at their institutions where possible.

The Agreement is based on recognition that the academic expectations and assessment regimes at all Go8 universities are comparable, however it is noted that a student’s completed units must be assessed against the corresponding units within the program to which they seek to transfer.


  1. Credit will be granted to students who are accepted for admission into a degree program at a Go8 university for appropriate units of study successfully completed while enrolled at another Go8 university where these are assessed as comparable to units in the corresponding program and taking into consideration the course structure.
  2. Credit transfer may be possible for students in all degree programs who have successfully completed a recognised component of study at a Go8 university.
  3. Students must meet all requirements of the degree program in which they enrol.
  4. Credit transfer for units of study successfully completed as part of a previously completed degree will be considered in accordance with the rules of the degree program into which the student is seeking admission.