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Exam Invigilator

Looking for seasonal work? Talk to us about invigilation.

Become part of our pool of examination invigilators for exams conducted at Wayville in June and November annually.

  • On the job training provided.
  • Attention to detail is most important.
  • Peruse rows of candidates and respond to requests.
  • Watch for possible cheating.

Exam periods

  • Primary exams at Wayville late June and early November.
  • Alternative exams on campus for students with extra requirements.
  • External exams on campus throughout the year.


  • Availability forms for the upcoming period to be completed and returned to the examinations office in May and October.
  • Rosters will be generated just prior to exams start.
  • Car parking permits for Wayville will be provided with rosters.


  • May and October Invigilator briefing on campus with latest updates and an opportunity to meet other staff in the team.
  • On-the-job training provided by Invigilator Trainers - arrive at the venue 40 minutes prior to exam start time
    8:30 for morning session or 13:00 for afternoon session
  • Allow 3 sessions for initial on-the-job training in the first exam period.


  • New trainees are assessed by the senior staff during their initial training and will be advised if they are to be added to the pool of examination invigilators.
  • If unavailable for consecutive exam periods, it is assumed that you do not wish to remain in the invigilator pool.


  • All communication will be via electronic means. All invigilators are required to have regular access to email.

Different roles at Wayville

  • Most of the staff are rostered to directly supervise and assist candidates in exams.
  • Some senior staff are appointed to a number of different roles.
  • With experience, comes the opportunity for different tasks.


  • Attention to detail is most important.
  • Adhering to the processes for the differing roles is required.
  • You must work quietly (talk in whispers and wear soft-soled shoes).
  • Peruse rows and respond to student requests.
  • Watch for possible cheating, including checking dictionaries for notations.

Contact us

Tel: 08 8313 5209