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Exam scheduling

In-person examinations

  • Will there be reading time before the exam starts?

    No, there is no set reading time for examinations.

  • Can I use my mobile phone to check the time?

    No. Mobile phones must be switched off and stored in your bag, not in your pockets. If you are found to have a phone on you, your supervisor will confiscate it until the end of the exam. Clocks will be displayed at the front of the venue, to assist you with monitoring your time.

  • Can I use my dictionary or notes?

    Not unless these items are authorised by your lecturer. Being in possession of unauthorised material during an examination constitutes a breach of the University's academic integrity policy and will be dealt with according to the relevant principles outlined therein.

  • What can I bring into my exam?

  • What if I forget my student ID?

    All students are required to place current photo ID on the top right corner of their desk - this can be your student ID, driver's licence or passport. If you are unable to present any form of current photo ID, your photograph will be taken and compared with your photo on the University student system.

  • What if I have to use the toilet?

    Remain seated and raise your hand. A supervisor will issue you a toilet pass to place around your neck. Limited number of students may use the facilities at any one time; toilet monitors will be in place to supervise students whilst outside of the exam venue.

  • What happens if I fall ill during the exam?

    Raise your hand and a supervisor will assist you from the venue. If unable to continue, you are required to visit your doctor and apply for replacement/additional assessment through your school.

  • English is not my first language. Can I have extra time?

    Extra time will not be granted where English is a second language (ESL). A student with a language disability (for example, dyslexia) may apply for alternative examination arrangements.

  • How do I make a comment or suggestion about the examinations?

    The University appreciates constructive feedback. You can email your comments directly to

  • What happens if I cannot make it to my exam?

    The University advises all students to make themselves available for the duration of all official examination periods.

    Should you fall ill on the day of your exam you are required to visit your doctor and apply for replacement/additional assessment through your school.

  • What happens at the Wayville exam venue?

    • There are approximately 1,500 students sitting exams in each session. Allocated Seating - refer to your timetable in MyAdelaide.
    • An announcement 10 minutes prior to the start of the exams to enter venue. Listen carefully to the instructions. Any unauthorised materials can be surrendered at the entrance.
    • Move quickly and quietly to your allocated seat within the block for your exam.
    • Authorised materials must be placed on the desk and any bags must be placed on the floor under your seat. One clear bottle of water up to one litre in size.
    • Check the front page of the exam paper to confirm that it is the correct paper. Do not read the exam paper.
    • If you wish to speak to a supervisor, remain seated and raise your hand.
    • Complete the attendance slip on one answer book, tear off and place with photo ID on the top right-hand corner of your desk.
    • Complete the rest of the details on the cover of the answer books. Do not complete more than one attendance slip.
    • During the course of the exam, supervisors will check photo ID and other authorised materials.
    • Listen to all announcements from the Chief Supervisor.
    • Raise your hand if you have any questions about the instructions or requirements for the exam.
    • If your supervisor is unable to get clarification for a question, state your assumption in your answer book and answer accordingly.
    • If you finish your exam early, raise your hand. The supervisor will collect your exam materials and may permit you to leave.
    • No students will be permitted to leave before the first 40 minutes or during the last 10 minutes of their exam. You must remain seated for the duration.
    • Please leave the venue quietly, as other students may still be completing their exam. No talking until you are outside of the venue.
    • In the event of an emergency at the venue (fire, electrical faults, etc.) remain seated. Listen to instructions from the supervisor. If the venue is to be evacuated, leave quickly and quietly, taking all personal belongings with you. Do not remove any examination materials.
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