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Examination venues

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Information and rules

If you sit formal exams at the University of Adelaide you must be aware of the following requirements.

Policies and rules ensure equity and efficiency in our processes. Students should familiarise themselves with their obligations in regards to exams.

Any breach of the requirements, whether committed intentionally or unintentionally may be regarded as 'misconduct', and dealt with under the University's academic misconduct procedures contained within the Academic Integrity Policy.

Students are responsible for reading their exam timetable carefully and checking it on a regular basis. Misreading the exam timetable and failing to attend will not constitute sufficient grounds to apply for a replacement exam.

As a general rule, the University does not consider minor ailments such as colds and respiratory infections as grounds for being unfit to sit an exam.

Please note that while attending exams off-campus, students are expected to comply with University policies and procedures regarding appropriate and respectful behaviour. Students are bound by the Student Misconduct Rules and should there be any reports of disorderly conduct or behaviour, a referral to the Student Miscount Tribunal may occur.

  • Examination sessions

    Exams will be scheduled either in the morning or afternoon. Make sure that you arrive on time:

    • Morning session starts at 9:00am
    • Afternoon session starts at 1:00pm

    Students may not enter the exam venue 30 minutes after the scheduled start time without the consent of the Examinations Officer. If you are late for your exam, but arrive before 9:30am (for AM sessions) or 1:30pm (for PM sessions) you will be admitted to the venue. If you arrive after these times, you may not be permitted to enter the venue, and should consult your school or faculty for advice.

  • Examinations scheduling

    Primary exams are scheduled over a two-week period with two sessions per day. For maximum efficiency and equity, exam scheduling software is used to set the timetable.

    Where possible exams are scheduled to ensure the minimum number of students have two exams in one day. Students can select from a wide range of courses, so it is not possible to schedule exams to ensure that all students do not have exams on consecutive days.

  • Clashing examinations

    If your timetable requires you to sit two or more of your exams at the same time, or you have one exam on-campus and one off-campus on the same day, you may be eligible for extenuating circumstances arrangements.

    You must complete the application form for assessment task extension or replacement examination due to extenuating circumstances and email it to operationalero@adelaide.edu.au within two weeks of the timetable being published. Applications made outside of this period may not be considered.

    Students will:

    • receive confirmation of their arrangements via their student email.
    • be required to sit both exams on the same day where possible.
    • be permitted to revise between exams.

    Any student from Roseworthy or Waite campus with clashing exams should complete the above application form and lodge it to their faculty office without delay.

  • Materials permitted / not permitted

    You are strongly advised not to bring a bag and/or personal items to the exam venue. The University takes no responsibility for any loss or damage to those items.

    Students bringing bags into the exam venue may be subject to inspection as you enter the venue. Place all the materials you will need on your desk and put any other materials eg. mobile phones and pencil cases in your closed bag under your seat.

    Only bring to an exam those items which you need to undertake the exam.

    You must bring to each Examination

    • Your valid physical Student ID card or other valid photo identification.
    • Reasonable supplies of all required writing materials, erasers, etc.

    Materials permitted

    • A small purse or wallet, including keys, money, ID and credit cards
    • One clear plastic bottle of clear water, up to 1 litre in size (water is available at the venue)
    • A closed bag stored under your seat
    • Any materials specified by the examiner, as set out on the front page of the exam paper

    Materials not permitted

    You must not bring into the exam venue any material which enables, or has the potential to enable, you or others to cheat or to gain an unfair academic advantage. Examples of materials which are not permitted include, but are not limited to:

    • writing or other paper
    • dictionaries, textbooks, notes or other reference material not specified on the front page of the exam paper
    • electronic devices including: mobile phones, smart watches, headphones, dictionaries, organisers, laptop computers unless specified by the examiner
    • any drinks other than clear water in a clear plastic container.

    Where an examiner permits, or requires the use of materials that are not normally permitted, the examiner will advise you in advance and a statement approving their use will appear on the front page of the exam paper. If the front page does not specifically authorise the use of items not normally permitted in an exam, students will not be allowed to use them.

    Where an examiner permits an individual student (unique to the rest of the candidates) to use exam aides (such as a paper dictionary), the examiner must provide written authorisation to the student and a copy must be sent to the operationalero@adelaide.edu.au. The student must present this authorisation to the exam supervisor at the venue at the commencement of the exam.

    An exam supervisor will confiscate any unauthorised material brought into an exam venue. Being in possession of such material during an exam constitutes a breach of the academic integrity policy and will be dealt with according to the relevant principles.

    Materials not to be removed

    You must not remove any materials issued for use in the exam. All such materials remain the property of the University, whether they were used or not. These include, but not limited to, completed scripts, ripped out pages, blank answer books, question papers, examination questions, drawing paper and scribble paper.

  • Mobile phones

    If a mobile phone is found switched on in your possession during the exam it will be deemed as a breach of the policy and will be held as unauthorised material.

    This may result in the matter being referred to the Head of School for further action in accordance with the academic misconduct procedures.