Academic Honesty Policy


Academic honesty is a fundamental part of learning and teaching and a core value of the University of Adelaide. The University takes the view that all academic dishonesty is unacceptable and this policy aims to uphold the standards of ethics and integrity embodied in the Student Charter and expected of all students.


Staff Support Kit for Academic Honesty Policy: [UoA staff access only]

Title Version Date uploaded
Academic Honesty Policy d2014/281346 9 Nov 2018
Examination and Assessment Guidelines d2014/281347 16 Dec 2014

RMO File No. 2014/8639
Policy custodian Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Academic)
Responsible policy officer Executive Director, Division of Academic and Student Engagement
Endorsed by Academic Board on 4 November 2014
Approved by Vice-Chancellor and President on 6 November 2014
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Assessment for Coursework Programs Policy

Staff Support Kit for Academic Honesty Policy: [UoA staff access only]

Superceded Policies Rules for Assessment

Plagiarism Policy

Policy on Cheating in Examinations and Related Forms of Assessment

Effective from 1 January 2015
Review Date 31 December 2017
Contact for queries about the policy Student Policy and Appeals Office (8313 7503) or

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