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Research Tuesdays

Our researchers are driven by the desire to understand. They work to uncover new knowledge and shed light on the world's biggest challenges. From tackling Meningococcal B to finding energy solutions for the future, our discoveries make a difference to people's lives across the world.

At Research Tuesdays we share this knowledge, every month. If you're curious about the changing world, we invite you to join us.

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Research Tuesdays goes virtual

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Provocation revoked

For too long in South Australia, an unwanted same-sex advance was considered by law to be potentially so confronting as to reasonably provoke a fatal response. The discriminatory ‘gay panic’ defence, as it was known, could reduce murder charges to manslaughter, adding to grieving families’ suffering.

But no more. Early this year, the landmark Statutes Amendment (Abolition of Provocation and Related Matters) Act 2020 came into effect, formally consigning this outdated piece of criminal law to history. And it was thanks largely to research conducted by the University of Adelaide-based South Australian Law Reform Institute.

In this powerful presentation, you’ll hear how this landmark change came to pass, what it means for the LGBTIQ community, and the significant role played by our law students. We’ll also explain how the Act now better protects victims of domestic violence.

The presenters

Dr David Plater is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Adelaide Law School, and Deputy Director of the South Australian Law Reform Institute (SALRI). His experience includes working with the South Australian Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, and in Legislation and Legal Policy in the Attorney-General's Department. He is also a former Senior Crown Prosecutor at the Youth and Inner London Crown Court branch of the Crown Prosecution Service.

Olivia Jay is a University of Adelaide law graduate. She was a SALRI researcher as a student, and continues to assist with the institute’s research on various projects. Olivia is currently an Associate to the Hon. Justice Doyle of the Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of South Australia.

Meg Lawson is also a University of Adelaide law graduate. During her studies she contributed to SALRI research and was a co-author of the Stage 2 report on the operation of Provocation. She currently works as a lawyer in civil litigation.

Date: Tuesday, May 11
Time: 5.30pm

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