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Research Tuesdays

Our researchers are driven by the desire to understand.

They work to uncover new knowledge and shed light on the world's biggest challenges. From tackling Meningococcal B to finding energy solutions for the future, our discoveries make a difference to people's lives across the world.

At Research Tuesdays we share this knowledge, every month. If you're curious about the changing world, we invite you to join us.

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Research Tuesdays goes virtual

Upcoming event

Digi-proofing democracy

Data manipulation is an ever-increasing danger. Join us to find out how we can we safeguard Australia on the digital frontier.

National security threats no longer come only via land, sea, or air. In today’s changing technological environment, data manipulation is an ever-increasing danger.

In 2018, over 80 million Facebook profiles were targeted during Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, exposing unprecedented potential for political disruption. Throughout the pandemic, anti-vaccine information has been threatening healthcare systems, and now there are mounting concerns that propaganda could impact global responses to the invasion of Ukraine.

Having recently played a leading role in the first cohesive assessment of this emerging risk, University of Adelaide researchers are now advocating for protective policies. Political microtargeting is a national security threat, they argue, even when not overtly successful. Disinformation undermines the values underpinning democracy and protection from it needs to be a key defence objective.

How can we safeguard Australia on the digital frontier? Join us to find out.

The presenters

Professor Debi Ashenden is Defence Science and Technology (DST) Group–University of Adelaide Joint Chair in Cyber Security. She was previously Head of the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom’s Centre for Cyber Security and consulted extensively across the UK’s public and private sector, including for the Ministry of Defence, Home Office, QinetiQ, and Reuters.

Associate Professor Lewis Mitchell is a Professor of Data Science at the University of Adelaide. A Tall Poppy of The Year Finalist in the 2018 SA Science Excellence Awards, Lewis studies how information moves over social networks using mathematical models.

Date: Tuesday, August 9
Time: 5:30pm

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2022 schedule

Date Research topic Presenter
9 August

Digi-proofing democracy

Dr Melissa-Ellen Dowling, Associate Professor Lewis Mitchell, Dr David Matthews & Professor Debi Ashenden
13 September Three Minute Thesis final Faculty finalists
11 October Hydrogen Professor Greg Metha
8 November Battery recycling and the solutions for the future Professor David Lewis & Professor Zaiping Gao

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