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Research Tuesdays

Our researchers are driven by the desire to understand. They work to uncover new knowledge and shed light on the world's biggest challenges. From tackling Meningococcal B to finding energy solutions for the future, our discoveries make a difference to people's lives across the world.

At Research Tuesdays we share this knowledge, every month. If you're curious about the changing world, we invite you to join us.

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Research Tuesdays goes virtual

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Democracy's Digital Demise

 Revelations regarding the scale and sophistication of interference in the 2016 US presidential race through digital disinformation shocked the world. At home here in Australia, many wondered: Could that happen to us?

Unfortunately, the answer’s not only a resounding yes, but it’s already happening. Foreign actors and cyber antagonists are increasingly attempting to influence Australia’s democratic outcomes, destabilise our society through political or moral division, and weaken our strategic foreign partnerships.

It’s widely accepted that the trend presents a serious threat to our liberal democratic institutions and processes. But just how serious is it? How well prepared are we to counter it? And what are the perpetrators ultimately trying to achieve?

Ongoing research at the University of Adelaide is uncovering answers to these and many other related questions. In this presentation, you’ll hear them!

The presenter

Associate Professor Tim Legrand is a senior researcher in the University of Adelaide’s School of Social Sciences, specialising in the national and international dimensions of global security decision-making. He has previously held visiting research fellowships at the Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris (France), Johns Hopkins University (US), and The University of Stockholm (Sweden).

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Recent events

Three Minute Thesis

Explaining years of research in three minutes, using only one PowerPoint slide.

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Space makers

Space exploration of any kind is difficult. Doing it for extended periods with human crews is a challenge beyond imagining.

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Memory Restored

Memory impairment can be devastating—not just for those who experience it, but their families, friends and the businesses and groups they’re unable to contribute to.

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Compulsory voting: Strengthening democracy

As the world inches toward a ‘new normal’ in the wake of COVID-19, many questions are being asked about how our society could and should look.

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Firing debate

More than 11 million hectares have been reduced to ash, over 30 lives lost, thousands of properties destroyed, and wildlife decimated.

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Could a machine be better than your doctor?

A Machine Learning-led revolution is underway.

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