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Generating abundant clean energy is essential for sustainable living. So too is the efficient supply of critical minerals. So we’re enhancing both. From exploration to delivery; for our homes, businesses and industry.

Matching world-class research expertise in earth sciences, mining engineering and artificial intelligence with broader strengths in science, economics and social planning, we’re finding better ways to power our world.

Impact stories

Growing the graphene industry

With the goal of developing a sustainable graphene-based industry in Australia and world-wide, the team at the University of Adelaide’s ARC Graphene Research Hub has made several significant breakthroughs in graphene manufacturing and utilisation.

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Renewable energy

The Discovery Pod | Season 1, Episode 6 
Cracking the code – finding new ways to power our nation and drive the manufacturing economy.

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Professorial Lecture Series: Assoc. Prof. Carl Spandler

Unearthing rare earths: Why mining critical metals is vital to our future, and why Australia is well placed to profit.

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Harnessing low cost, sustainable, activated carbon from waste

In what is believed to be a world-first, an Adelaide-based start-up has developed a new, low cost, sustainable method of producing activated carbon.

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What's really going on during fracking

How do fluids such as water, gas and petroleum move in the earth?

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Solar thermal for mineral processing

It is a fact that in a country like Australia, dominated by the primary production of commodities such as iron ore, copper and alumina, the industrial processes that produce these for export account for around half of our energy consumption.

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Solar for hydrogen production

Imagine 10 years from today, an underground mine, where waste water is continuously pumped out to keep it dry. University of Adelaide researchers are looking into ways to build a better world, and turn this nuisance into a fuel source through hydrogen fuelled vehicles!  

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Taking charge

New energy sources and a growing demand for electric vehicles are driving demand for energy storage.

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Michael Evan Goodsite Ph.D. is a civil and environmental engineering full professor and the Director, Institute for Sustainability, Energy and Resources (ISER).


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