Creativity & Culture

Creativity and culture connect us. Indeed, in many ways, they define us: bringing joy, providing meaning and building understanding and respect. We explore and strengthen these human bonds every day to help make the world a better, more enriching, place.

We do this through research in the written and spoken word; music and visual art; and the transformative impacts of new communication technologies. We capture people’s stories and help them tell their own. And we challenge how creative practice is understood, taught and valued.

Impact stories

The people behind the cars

History will not forget the people and places that made Holden cars an icon of Australia.

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City nightlife takes on a new dimension

The growth of small venues has changed the face of Adelaide’s social scene, adding life and livelihood.

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Macau shown in three dimensions

An immersive multimedia experience has brought to life the diverse cultural history of a former colonial enclave.

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Curious Kids: why do we cry?

Most people cry when they’re feeling sad, or when they are having big feelings.

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